Is CeeDee Lamb the best receiver on the Cowboys roster?

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb (Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports)
Dallas Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb (Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Dallas Cowboys looked poised and ready to head into the new season. With last season’s debacle of a year behind them, hopefully, they head into this season with a new attitude.

While the defense needs to look to have a bounce-back year, led by the presence of DeMarcus Lawrence, the offense must also show that they still have it. With Dak Prescott back at the helm and after a year off, essentially, they must show that they can still be explosive too.

While that’ll take all of the guys on the offense and the coaches, in part, there are a few guys on the team that have a little bit more to do with it than others and they are the wide receivers.

The Dallas Cowboys need all of their receivers to max out this season, from the last guy to the number one. Who is that ‘number one receiver’ though?

Speaking of that group though, one that features a guy that’s in limbo, Michael Gallup, a second-year dynamo in CeeDee Lamb, and dependable star-veteran (sort of) in Amari Cooper, there is a question that must be asked.

When you look at this group, is the pecking order shifting already? Is CeeDee Lamb a better wideout than Amari Cooper at this point?

The answer isn’t a complicated one. When you look at the overall talent and god-given ability aspect of the game, Lamb is the guy.

Though it isn’t by a ton or anything like that, as Amari Cooper has the physical frame, dexterity, and short-area quickness of few, CeeDee Lamb possesses that and the freak show must-see stuff too. When you look at the other areas of the game though, fundamental and know-how, Cooper is the better player.

Experience and time in the league gives Cooper an edge there, but that isn’t the only reason, to be fair. His playing style and how he has made himself into an elite receiver is also a huge part of why he wins out here, precision route-running and niftiness in his wideout play, in example.

So, to answer the question, no, Lamb isn’t the better player right now. Cooper still holds that title because in a pinch, his know-how will work out better for him more times than Lamb’s athletic ability will for him, one would imagine based on the history of the game.

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Even if that’s not the case, Lamb will want to learn the stuff that Cooper has, in order to sustain a long career and to become that much better. Either way you look at it though, that’s why Lamb isn’t the best receiver on the roster… yet.