4 reasons why an Ezekiel Elliott resurgence is necessary

Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas Cowboys (Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports)
Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas Cowboys (Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott quarterback Dak Prescott
Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott quarterback Dak Prescott (Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Dallas Cowboys, as a whole, are glad to have Dak Prescott back but no one individual is likely happier than Ezekiel Elliott

While there are a ton of people out there, some Dallas Cowboys fans included, that might say that Elliott should have had an even more monster year last season without Dak Prescott in the lineup, due to likely having a much-increased workload, there is a case to be made as to why he wouldn’t have as well. Without Dak, defenses were able to throw more at the run support, which limited Elliott in all actuality.

Dak Prescott

With his quarterback getting back into the swing of things coming off of an injury, he’ll need Zeke to help make his transition back to regularity as smooth as possible. Elliott has to be on his game, in order that Dak may be able to fully find his again.

The better that Zeke is able to play this season, the better Dak will look. That’s the third reason why a resurgence is needed.

Down Year Last Season

At some points, it’s really simple. When you look at his numbers from last year, they were way down across the board.

A career-low 979 rushing yards, tied for a career-low eight touchdowns, and a career-low 4.4 yards per touch last season, he wasn’t that good and in fact, some might argue that Tony Pollard was the best Dallas Cowboys running back last season. To top it all off though, he tied his career-high with six fumbles.

He just needs to be better. When you are as good as he is, dependent on as much as he is, and compensated like he is, you just have to be better.

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It’s really that simple. That stands for every reason listed throughout. That’s why Ezekiel Elliott has to resurge in the coming season in a major way.