Four ways the Dallas Cowboys can gain home field advantage

AT&T Stadium, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
AT&T Stadium, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /
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Ticket prices to watch an NFL game are borderline insane yet the Dallas Cowboys have figured out a way to have some of the absolute highest ticket prices in the game today. I, like many, have been a rabid Dallas Cowboy fan as far back as I can remember but some of the biggest and most dedicated fans simply cannot afford the price of admission.

Outpricing some of the most loyal in your fanbase allows opponents to scoop up some of the leftover tickets which shortens the gap on favorable crowd noise.

I come from humble beginnings which only strengthened my love for the Cowboys as they were one of the very few things I could count on for happiness during my childhood. I always believed as a kid that the Dallas Cowboys were some mythological creature that I could never envision myself seeing in real life.

That type of mentality coupled with the uncertainty of an AT&T stadium return because of monetary constraint creates a fan that has nothing to lose other than their voice cheering loudly during a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Those are the types of fans the Dallas Cowboys can count on if ticket prices were in the manageable category.

I have met many people in my city that are of the same age as my parents that have still not seen the Dallas Cowboys play at their home stadium. I also met more than a few people who told me they went to go see the Dallas Cowboys play during the pandemic because this was the first time tickets were affordable.

I hate to call you out but if you are reading this and you don’t think the noise level is a problem at AT&T Stadium, chances are you are the problem. I want to eliminate the golf clap with the modest “bravo” chant when the team does well. The boos can certainly be heard when the product on the field isn’t worth the money those in attendance have paid.

That type of emotional investment when things aren’t going well is the same type of investment I want to see when the team is beating the competition. Cowboy fans need to stop taking the high road by allowing the on-field product to do the talking and start talking to the point where coming to Dallas is an absolute chore when dealing with the fans.

AT&T Stadium can no longer be a social event, it has to be a furious competition.