3 reasons why you really have to like the Cowboys draft haul

NFL Network hosts Colleen Wolfe and Michael Irvin (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)
NFL Network hosts Colleen Wolfe and Michael Irvin (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Micah Parsons, Dallas Cowboys
Micah Parsons, Dallas Cowboys (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports) /

Drafting Towards Dan Quinn’s System

While Dan Quinn will most infamously be remembered by the fatal scores of “21-3” and then “28-3”, the famed scores of Super Bowl LI at halftime and the end of the third quarter that saw his Atlanta Falcons up in the big game but only to lose to the Patriots in the end, he made his name as the defensive coordinator of the Seattle Seahawks.

He had other jobs in between and before that, including a previous stint with Seattle, however, the reason he is in Dallas is because of what he was able to do with Seattle in his second go-around, specifically, the LOB or Legion Of Boom. With that, you look at what he used to be that in Seattle.

He used big, long, rangy, defensive backs that could make plays on the ball, such as Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman, and Earl Thomas, who although isn’t as big as the other two, was as long and probably a bit more rangy. He used fast, athletic, and thumping linebackers to set the tone as well.

Well, when you look at the guys that the Cowboys drafted, they are exactly that. They drafted three corners, who come in at 6-foot-1 (Joseph), 6-foot-4 ( Wright), and another 6-foot-4 (Mukuamu).

They are all pretty fluid and fast as well. Most interestingly enough, all of these guys are what you consider playmakers at that position, meaning they don’t just go to deflect or break up passes, they go to pick them off.

That’s what the Cowboys have really been missing over the last several seasons, to be honest, not just last season. When you look at the other people chosen and such as the first-rounder, Parsons, he fits the narrative too.

He is a thumper of the highest magnitude, what we call sideline to sideline, and as fast as you want to see a linebacker be. Think … Bobby Wagner.

Yea, that’s what they were looking for. Parsons has a lot to prove to be Wagner and that means a ton, however, he has all the tools, the tape, and now, the coaching to become just that.

Listen, you might not like every pick and then again, you might. Even if you didn’t though, as a whole, you can’t be disappointed for real.

That’s because the Cowboys did all they could to fully address the needs of this team and that doesn’t always seem like the case. This looked different.

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Hopefully, the guys brought on can come in and have an immediate impact, as that’s always the goal. Until something definitive can be determined though, these are the reasons why you have to like what you saw … at least thus far.