3 reasons why you really have to like the Cowboys draft haul

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NFL Network hosts Colleen Wolfe and Michael Irvin (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Dallas Cowboys, Dak Prescott, Jerry Jones
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The Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, can be overbearing at times but he wasn’t here

When you look at the list of guys they drafted, one thing should immediately stick out at you and it’s already been covered. This was a defensive draft for the Cowboys, only taking three offensive players of their 11 picks.

That’s, not only what they needed immediately for the on-field of it all, but it’s encouraging moving forward and based on what everyone knows about the proprietor of the Dallas Cowboys. When Jerry has his hands in stuff, it can get kind of wanky, but it didn’t here’s and here’s why.

Jerry Jones Didn’t Pull A “Jerry Jones”

The Dallas Cowboys’ top dog, Jerry Jones, is known for throwing his weight around. While he’s earned the right, building the Cowboys to one of the largest and most recognizable sports brands in the world, that may not always be the best for the football team and their fate.

You heard a few things leading up to the draft, including a love for Patrick Surtain II and more disturbingly upon first hearing the fact that he might be looking to move up to nab tight end Kyle Pitts.

Well, neither of those happened and though Surtain would have been a really good grab, the word is that they wanted Parsons all along but for certainly, they didn’t even need a tight end to begin with. With Blake Jarwin returning from injury and with Dalton Schultz stepping up as he did in his absence, the Cowboys are set there.

That, though, is the first reason to love what they did. Jerry can mess it up, but he didn’t here and you have to look at that as progress.