Cowboys should trade back to double down on defensive starters

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones(Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports)
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones(Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Alabama Crimson Tide defensive lineman Christian Barmore (58)
Alabama Crimson Tide defensive lineman Christian Barmore (58) (Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Dallas Cowboys need help all over and especially along the defensive front.

As highlighted, the Dallas Cowboys need help all over. While they definitely need help in the secondary, they also need help up front.

Though this draft is a weak one for defensive tackles, according to King and others, there are a few out there. The one that has stood out since the college season is Christian Barmore of Alabama.

First, out of Alabama, you know that he will come into the league ready to contribute. Secondly and though a defensive tackle, which means that his main job is clogging things up to defend the run, he can really rush the passer.

The reason why you trade back is though Barmore is likely an early leave in the draft, he isn’t worth anything near the 10th pick the Cowboys have. You also have some other stuff to sort through if you are the Cowboys.

In example and in response to a fan’s question about a “Barmore falling” report, NFL Draft Analyst, Lance Zierlein, chimed in. Here is what Zierlein had to say on the rumors and negative Barmore talk.

"“It didn’t get to me fully until last week. Heard some bits and pieces in a very general sense since back in February. Had the actual information last Friday. I think there is a real chance [Barmore] falls out of the first now. He’s talented though.”"

There may have been talk of him not being the most coachable, being a flash in the pan, or a product of a dominant defense. What Alabama player, or top player in general, haven’t you heard that about though?

While there is some concern regarding Barmore’s stock and status heading into the draft, it’s still a good chance that some team pulls the trigger on him in the first round or early second. That’s just the raw and real truth of it all.

While some people might get visions of Trysten Hill, which is fair. But what if he’s Warren Sapp? That’s a risk you have to be willing to take if you are the Dallas Cowboys because you were that bad on defense a season ago.

Listen, if they keep the pick and take Surtain II, it’s a win. However, they could do themselves a service by making their dollars go further by trying to trade back and make one really high pick into two decently high ones.

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The Baltimore Ravens own the 31st and 22nd picks of the first round. Perhaps, they are itching to climb a bit higher. If they are, Jerry Jones and company should be right there with a ladder and a long list of demands, because it should surely cost them.