Cowboys should trade back to double down on defensive starters

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones(Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports)
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones(Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Georgia defensive back Tyson Campbell (3)
Georgia defensive back Tyson Campbell (3) (Mandatory Credit: Joshua L. Jones-USA TODAY NETWORK) /

The Dallas Cowboys should look to trade back in the NFL Draft, but why?

The Dallas Cowboys do, indeed, need to add to their secondary. While there may not be another cornerback who will come in as ready as Surtain II, with his genetics, and with as high as potential as he has to be a really good player from the moment he steps in the facility, there are some other options in this draft that could turn out to be really good players at that position.

You have to be honest about this though, regardless of it all. It’s all a gamble, as no draft pick is certain.

With that, what if they went with another option at corner? Perhaps, another cornerback from the SEC and specifically, Tyson Campbell of Georgia.

Here’s what King and PFT had to say about Campbell, who they mock to New Orleans at 28.

"“Every year, I like to put at least one ‘Who!!!’ in my first round. So in my calls over the last few days, I’ve asked most of my football contacts who they’d put in the first round that no one has there. One GM practically blurted ‘That Georgia corner, Tyson Campbell. He’s big and fast and had lots of experience in a passing conference.’”"

While he’s characterized as “raw”, he’s big at over six feet tall and runs a 4.3 40 yard dash, so the physical ability is there. Though labeled “raw”, he’s still a first-round talent and that’s based on his performance at Georgia, another SEC school.

That means something. You also take this into account.

He was a teammate of Surtain’s in high school as well, for whatever that is worth but it must mean that he was talented as even beside a talent like Surtain, he still found a way to shine. That’s just the first reason, but not even the real meat of it all.