Cowboys draft day hot takes that would break the internet

Dallas Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones owner Jerry Jones Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Dallas Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones owner Jerry Jones Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports /
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Every year there is a team that receives a bad initial draft grade because they reached for a player and the Dallas Cowboys could potentially be that candidate this year. Tulsa linebacker Zaven Collins is a good-looking prospect but selecting him at ten would be a bit of a reach.

There are rumors that the team is really high on this prospect and he could ultimately become the player that the team envisions but selecting him at ten would probably receive the same reaction the New York Giants got when they selected quarterback Daniel Jones sixth overall.

There are many things to like about Collins but I am still unsure where I would play him at. He reminds me a lot of Minnesota linebacker Anthony Barr. Like Barr, Collins would probably shuffle between outside pass rusher or traditional off-the-ball linebacker.

A similar situation could arise like that of former Arizona Cardinals first-round pick Haason Reddick. Reddick was played as an off-the-ball linebacker with little impact but then turned into a pretty good pass rusher when Arizona finally played him at his college position before he became a free agent.

Collins is built a lot like Dak Prescott where they have a larger lower than upper body. This gives Collins that extra power and base anchor a lot of other prospects struggle within the NFL.

Collins has a skillset that most scouts are probably drooling over but with the Dallas Cowboys more than likely returning to more of a traditional 4-3 defense, Collins doesn’t feel like a fit in Dallas unless he becomes a full-time pass rusher.

3-4 teams could use his unique ability to play as a base linebacker but could also rush the passer on the outside. Drafting Collins to me is hiring that guy who is overqualified for the job but does well in the place you put him at. You feel like he could contribute more but you don’t have opportunities for him.