Cowboys draft day hot takes that would break the internet

Dallas Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones owner Jerry Jones Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Dallas Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones owner Jerry Jones Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports /
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With the tenth pick, the Dallas Cowboys select quarterback Justin Fields from Ohio State University. Those are probably nightmare words for Cowboys fans but with so many teams turning every stone around for signal-callers, would it be so bad for the Cowboys to select a falling quarterback?

On the surface, I might look insane but the New England Patriots selected quarterback Jimmy Garrapallo in the second round when they still employed the great Tom Brady.

What if the Dallas Cowboys took Fields with the intent of developing him while filling in the vacant backup quarterback job then trade him away for a quarterback-needy team in the future. Yes, you wouldn’t get equal value but the thought of having a backup who could come in and possibly keep you more than just afloat has value in itself.

I was ridiculed for thinking the team should have tanked late in the season which would given the Cowboys an even better draft pick but this scenario has the same kind of value. Fans cannot think of just the immediate target that sits right in front of them but rather the longevity of the franchise.

This selection would create a negative narrative of what the team really thinks about quarterback Dak Prescott but having insurance at the game’s most important position is often viewed as a negative in this league when it should be positive.

If your starting quarterback gets hurt and is out for the season, expectations about how far your team can go get readjusted based on how good of a backup quarterback you employ. There are a few teams that would hand Fields the keys to their franchise right out of the gate so having him as a backup certainly doesn’t hurt.

I suspect that if Fields does get to ten the Cowboys will hold their pick for ransom and take the best offer but there is always a chance when talking about America’s Team.