Dallas Cowboys must now go out and hire their mercenary

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, Stephen Jones Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, Stephen Jones Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports /
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Stephen Jones, Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys
Stephen Jones, Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys (Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports) /

Now that the Dallas Cowboys have scratched their first order of business out of the way, they can now take advantage of an expiring situation. NFL fans are in the middle of an NFL massacre which is only getting worse.

As the NFL march’s towards the middle of next week, NFL veterans are being cut at such a high rate that even the most seasoned coverage experts are having trouble keeping up with all of the names that are looking for a new home.

The Dallas Cowboys have been in the NFL spotlight with regards to the Dak Prescott situation. But now that the team has cleared that hurdle, it has exposed those same so-called experts for prematurely and inaccurately predicting the demise of the Cowboys.

In fact, I would argue that Dallas is in the best position when compared to the rest of the league. If you take a look at the teams with the most salary cap space, those teams either have a quarterback on their rookie contract, don’t have a quarterback, or have some kind of issue regarding their current incumbent.

The Cowboys have already started to restructure contracts so that they can get their rookie class signed but the team can also create more room by restructuring the likes of wide receiver Amari Cooper and defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence.

The team could have created up to $90 million although they will more than likely stay below that threshold unless something dramatic arises. In all, the team can have roughly $47.7 million to their name when they embark on their defensive overhaul journey.

Interestingly enough, the Dallas Cowboys figure to come out firing right out of the gate but would probably be best served by waiting for prices to settle before jumping in like they usually do. With so many veterans needing homes and the majority of teams struggling to get under the cap, there will be some names that will play this year at a bargain rate.

This entire situation has made me think about who exactly would the Dallas Cowboys target if they decided to back up the brinks truck in free agency? There are a few candidates that were tagged by their respective teams but there are plenty of players worthy of big money consideration in Big D.