Russell Wilson to the Cowboys a pipe dream of epic proportions

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports)
Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Dallas Cowboys really did this to themselves. By not signing their franchise quarterback, Dak Prescott, to a long-term deal two years ago when they first had the opportunity, not only did they lose millions of dollars in salary cap savings, but they’ve generated a massive amount of speculation surrounding the future of the position in Dallas.

So when the agent of the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks mentions the Cowboys are a preferred landing spot for his client, Russell Wilson, if a trade was to ever happen, it becomes national news. And news that would be easily dismissed if Prescott were currently under contract with the Cowboys.

Is having Wilson with the Star on his helmet attractive? Certainly. The eight-time Pro Bowl quarterback is also a former Super Bowl champion and was recently voted the winner of the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year award.

Last season, Wilson recorded 4,212 passing yards, a career-high 40 touchdown passes, and only 13 interceptions leading the Seahawks to a 12-4 record. Now, imagine a player of his caliber in Dallas with the offensive line (when healthy) and the team’s numerous weapons surrounding him. It’s enough to send most Cowboy fans into a tizzy.

Unfortunately, the notion the Cowboys would trade Prescott to Seattle for Wilson is nothing but a fan’s pipe dream. First off, Dak is absolutely beloved in Dallas, respected by his teammates, and is the unquestioned leader in the locker room. Those are all traits he possessed in spades the day the team drafted him in the fourth round of the 2016 NFL Draft. Prescott simply has the “X” factor.

Secondly, the Cowboys know Prescott. They know who he is and what he’s capable of. And they have an offense built for him, spearheaded by second-year offensive coordinator Kellen Moore. Plus, Dallas has often had the mentality of sticking with the players they know rather than the ones they don’t. It’s one of the reasons they’ve been fairly conservative in free agency over the past few years.

Finally, consider the fact that Prescott is only 27-years old while Wilson is 32. While Tom Brady is still winning championships playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at 43-years old, only a handful of players in NFL history have even played in the league at his age. Combined with the physical toll these players endure year after year, Prescott being five years younger than Wilson is substantial.

Certainly, Prescott hasn’t achieved the success Wilson has. But Dak’s arrow is unquestionably pointing upwards. And while Wilson is no doubt playing on a higher-level, it can be argued that Prescott it’s that far behind. Throw-in the financial obstacles a trade would incur and swapping quarterbacks seems far-fetched, at best.

Here’s what Nate Davis of USA Today wrote about the sacrifice the Seahawks would have to make financially in order to trade one of the league’s best quarterbacks away.

"“Dealing Wilson now would force $39 million in dead money onto Seattle’s salary cap … for a Seahawks team that’s long been built to win now, hard to see them willingly take that kind of financial hit while simultaneously inviting quarterback chaos by dealing one of the league’s five best passers.”"

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To be clear, Russell Wilson hasn’t requested a trade from the Seahawks and still wants to play in Seattle. His agent only mentioned the Dallas Cowboys as a potential landing spot if a trade was pursued. Other players have mentioned America’s Team as a preferred landing spot before. Oftentimes, nothing comes of it. That’s certainly the case when it comes to the pipe dream of replacing Dak Prescott with Russell Wilson in Dallas.