Dallas Cowboys top 10 greatest Super Bowl moments

Head Coach Tom Landry Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images)
Head Coach Tom Landry Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images) /
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Super Bowl week is finally upon us and despite the fact that our beloved Dallas Cowboys won’t be participating yet again, it hasn’t stopped me from coming up with the top ten Super Bowl moments in Dallas Cowboys history.

These rankings were especially difficult to come up with because of the major age difference between Super Bowl championships. You have the older crowd declaring all of their 1970s moments were what catapulted this team into America’s Team success while those of us who saw the early 1990s squad swear those were the Cowboy’s best years.

It is awfully close when determining which era was the Cowboy’s greatest but the thing that I am happiest about is the Dallas Cowboys having such a diverse Super Bowl era moment. If you don’t think this is a big deal, one-third of the teams in the NFL have never won a Super Bowl.

I tried to incorporate iconic moments that not only helped sway the success of the team but also moments that we think of when we envision a Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl.

There will no doubt be some omissions like when Emmitt Smith messed up the famous Jimmy Johnson hairdo that never seemed to move or that heartbreaking drop in the endzone by tight end Jackie Smith in Super Bowl.

One overlooked moment that I still remember was Cowboys linebacker Ken Norton Jr. stuffing Bills running back Kenneth Davis at the goal line forcing them to kick a field goal. The Dallas Offense essentially ended the game in the second quarter after that moment.

I tried to make sure every era was well represented but there are just too many moments that could have made this list but I had to eliminate those that are a tier below this top ten ranking. My only hope is that this team provides us with more memories in the future.