Will Cowboys being flexed out of primetime spur change?

Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys (Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports)
Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys (Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports) /

Will the NFL flexing the Dallas Cowboys out of primetime spur change?

The Dallas Cowboys have remained one of the most popular teams in the NFL despite not winning a Super Bowl since 1995. That fact has been a feather in the cap of owner and general manager Jerry Jones for 25 years.

Yet, this is 2020. And odd things are afoot in the NFL. The Cowboys likely being the biggest reflection in the league of what is happening in the real world. What started out as a season of promise and hope has ended in utter despair.

Following their Tuesday night loss to the Baltimore Ravens, where the Cowboys allowed nearly another 300-yard rushing performance from an opponent, Dallas sports a 3-9 record, which is the worst of the worst in the lowly NFC East.

It seems this team is playing for a high draft choice rather than a spot in the postseason. Although the Cowboys are not quite mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, it’s close. Close enough that the NFL has decided to do the unthinkable. That’s flex America’s Team out of their primetime spot on Sunday night in Week 15 and instead highlight their NFC East foes, the New York Giants.

With the Cowboys losing six of their last seven games, including a 41-16 laugher against the Washington Football Team in front of a massive audience on Thanksgiving, the league has opted to move their upcoming matchup against the San Fransisco 49ers on Sunday, Dec. 20 from primetime to noon.

Thus flexing the Cowboys out of a Sunday Night Football appearance and pushing it up to midday. In their place, the NFL and NBC will feature the Cleveland Browns, Giants game instead. If you’re Jerry Jones, that has to sting.

Will Jerry Jones stand by and watch his team become irrelevant?

The decade-long tenure of former head coach Jason Garrett has proven that Jerry Jones is willing to suffer through many losses before giving up on what he believes to be a sound decision. But even during Garrett’s tenure, the Cowboys never seemed to lose their relevance and bankable image as America’s Team.

That doesn’t appear to be the case this year as the Cowboys under new head coach Mike McCarthy have performed so poorly, even the NFL is willing to give up on the massive ratings Dallas normally provides in exchange for more competitive play.

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Jerry Jones has proven he can stomach losing games and losing seasons. But can he stand by while the Dallas Cowboys lose relevance?

If the brand he’s stringently and expertly promoted for decades suddenly tanks and the Star loses its luster, is he willing to stand idly by and watch his team become … irrelevant? Or will the 78-year old media maverick make some major changes to both the roster and the coaching staff this offseason to save his life’s work?