Would the Dallas Cowboys like a coaching staff Mulligan?

Mike McCarthy, Dallas Cowboys (Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports)
Mike McCarthy, Dallas Cowboys (Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Dallas Cowboys coach Bill Parcells, assistant head coach Sean Payton (Photo by Kirby Lee/NFLPhotoLibrary) /

The Dallas Cowboys have taken criticism for their recent coaching hires

The Dallas Cowboys coaching staff is currently a mixture of coaches that should be applauded for getting through some unforgiving injuries and circumstances while other coaches are making everyone front the top-down wonder if you are qualified to handle the job.

Constructing an NFL staff requires that your employer agrees with some available coaches that are willing to embark on a new journey and picking through what is left on the market. Sometimes a staff has people that are personally unknown but come with a great reputation.

After head coach Mike McCarthy hired Mike Nolan as the defensive coordinator, it was quickly realized that he more than likely chose Nolan because Nolan once gave McCarthy a chance on his staff earlier this decade.

I was critical of Jason Garrett and his staff as none of them have gone on to become high-profile head coaches. Regardless of what is going on now, there have been few coaches that I believe the front office would like a mulligan on and hire right now.

Some of the names are familiar while others should become household names if their current trajectory continues to ascend. The Dallas Cowboys should become more interested in career track records and potential rather than continue this silly cycle of nepotism.

OC – Sean Payton

If you’re not familiar, Sean Payton was once a young play-caller for then legendary Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Bill Parcells. His playcalling might have been too advanced for Parcells as this issue was always a focal point.

The traditional way of playing football handcuffed Payton and eventually led to his departure from Dallas where Payton’s family still resides. If Payton had hung on just a little while longer, it could still be the Tony Romo and Sean Payton show in Dallas instead of Drew Brees in New Orleans.

Payton’s playcalling was justified when he won a Super Bowl but also with his current dominance of the NFC. It feels like Payton has been there forever and so has their stranglehold of playoff appearances.

Payton has done little to squash the rumor of him leaving New Orleans for Dallas but his actions of signing a long-term deal have pretty much shut the door on a Cowboys return (for now).

It is going to be interesting to see what Payton will do once Drew Brees retires. If Brees retires at the end of the season as many have speculated, would he consider making a jump to Dallas if the situation warrants? Too early to tell but as of now, I am placing Payton on my mulligan list.