Would the Dallas Cowboys like a coaching staff Mulligan?

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Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer was once the defensive coordinator on Bill Parcells staff and did an admirable job when he was here. Zimmer coached up Bill Parcell’s 3-4 front when he had been a traditional 4-3 coach.

His construction of the Minnesota Vikings had turned a once-proud but failing franchise into a hard nose contender that is usually a trendy Super Bowl pick amongst some experts.

Zimmer employed the 4-3 defense during his tenure before Parcells and he did an admirable job of it considering the talent he had on defense. His no-nonsense attitude carried over to his team as it is always a chore to play against a Zimmer coached team.

His six wins this season are the fewest in his entire time with Minnesota but they are well within striking range of the playoffs this season again. Those six wins can easily become ten if his team can get out of their own way.

Parcells keeping Zimmer on his coaching staff before his departure says a ton about both men. Parcells keeping an unknown on his staff because of how hard-nosed Zimmer shows that he has that killer mentality reserved for those special defense’s. Zimmer staying on board showed the Cowboys that he was still willing to learn.

Sometimes when coaches make it to the big leagues, they often abandon advice from others because they feel what they were doing got them to where they are. Eb=ven the best forget that getting advice from others often keeps you there too.

Zimmer showed a rare trait that nobody really talks about. Zimmer could be available after the season in favor of an offensive-minded head coach. The NFL is a copycat league and the dismissal from Minnesota would be a bad move for Minnesota.

If it does happen though, Zimmer could capitalize in Dallas. There has already begun a Minnesota migration to Dallas with the hiring of Defensive consultant George Edwards. Could a Zimmer reunion be in the cards for the Dallas Cowboys?