The Dallas Cowboys prepare to say goodbye to Markus Paul

Dallas Cowboys Stadium Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Dallas Cowboys Stadium Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

The Dallas Cowboys are preparing to say goodbye to Markus Paul

As the Dallas Cowboys play the Covid round-robin of when they are going to play, overlooked in the headlines is the fact that these Cowboys are playing with heavy hearts. Markus Paul, their strength and conditioning coach, suddenly and unexpectedly passed away on Nov. 25.

Unlike position coaches, Paul has to have an intimate relationship with every player on the roster as it is his job to ensure these professional athletes are preparing themselves accordingly to play through the rigors of professional football.

The team will now virtually attend the Markus Paul memorial on Thursday and I can only express my sympathy to all of those personally affected by the death of this wonderful man. The NFL is a tight-knit community but the outpouring of emotion over his passing was clearly evident.

Peter King of NBC Sports had a wonderful segment in his weekly column which highlighted the impact Paul had on the NFL. Fans sometimes forget the friendships that players build with people who are employed to help you better yourself in this league.

From the inside jokes and lucky shoes to his resistance bands and his Christian faith, all are now just memories to those who knew Paul. Somehow, someway, family and friends now have to start the process of healing.

Remembering what kind of impact this man had throughout the league.

The Dallas Cowboys were his fifth NFL coaching opportunity meaning that his impact stretched further than the walls of the Dallas Cowboys community. Paul was also an NFL player from 1989 through 1993 playing for the Chicago Bears and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Daryl “Moose” Johnston, who was a teammate of Paul at Syracuse, is primarily known for paving the way for most of Emmitt Smith’s Hall of Fame career. It was very surprising to hear Johnston say that Paul was one of three men who hit him the hardest ever on a football field.

In 1989, the Chicago Bears still employed a member of their famous 1985 Bears’ defensive squad named Dan Hampton who nicknamed Paul “The Greyhound” because of his size and speed combination. Quite a compliment for a young player trying to prove himself to veterans with a cemented legacy.

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There are zero words that I could use that would make any difference in this unfortunate situation. I also do not want to cheapen the moment by inserting a random quote to someone I never met. I will only ask that you bow your head to whichever God you pray to or just take a quiet moment and say a kind word for his family and friends that mourn today. Rest easy, Markus Paul.