The 5 best players on the Cowboys roster right now

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CeeDee Lamb, Dallas Cowboys
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Despite what Jerry Jones says, who are the Dallas Cowboys’ best players?

The Dallas Cowboys‘ owner and general manager Jerry Jones once again made headlines with another controversial take on his team. The three-time Super Bowl-winning owner told 105.3 The Fan during a radio interview last week that running back Ezekiel Elliott was the team’s best football player.

This controversial claim would’ve made some sense a couple of years ago when the two-time rushing champion (2016, 2018) had a stellar start to his career. However, this comment comes across as absurd now as the 25-year old running back is in the midst of a very tough season.

Elliott headed into Sunday’s matchup against the Minnesota Vikings with a mediocre 3.8 yards per rush. He also had an uncharacteristic five fumbles and had failed to even surpass 100 rushing yards in a single game before his performance against the Vikings.

Considering that quarterback Dak Prescott was on pace to shatter the record for passing yards before he went down with a gruesome, season-ending ankle injury against the New York Giants and seven-time Pro Bowl left tackle Tyron Smith was sidelined with a season-ending neck injury, is it possible Jones was simply referring only to healthy players?

Possibly, but even so, the claim that “Zeke” tops that list does not withstand even modest scrutiny. Who are the best healthy players on America’s Team right now?

That question is exactly what this article will hopefully address. Without further ado here is the definitive (kidding) ranking of the five best healthy players on the Dallas Cowboys.

5. CeeDee Lamb, Wide Receiver

The fact that wide receiver CeeDee Lamb is on this list is somewhat of a miracle and not because it is surprising he has emerged as one of the teams’ best players. The reason why Lambs’ presence on this list is miraculous is that he somehow fell all the way to the Dallas Cowboys in this past NFL Draft.

The former Oklahoma wideout fell all the way to the 17th pick and Dallas jumped at the opportunity to grab arguably the most talented wideout in the draft class (despite plenty of competition).

This entire page could be dedicated to talking about Lambs’ eye-popping numbers. The fact that on Sunday the 21-year old broke Hall of Fame wide receiver Bob Hayes record for most catches in a rookie season in franchise history or the fact that he’s on pace for over 1,000 receiving yards. However, even his impressive stat line is overshadowed by his sheer talent.

The rookie wide receiver made one of the most impressive catches of the entire NFL season in the teams’ win over the Vikings. Lamb has emerged as a human highlight reel for Dallas in a year marred with disappointment and injuries.

The fact that Lamb is already on this list as a rookie speaks volumes about his skill and production on the field this season. However, the even more exciting thing for fans of America’s Team to consider is the fact that he is only getting started. One could only imagine what kind of year Lamb would have had if starting quarterback Dak Prescott was still healthy.