Dallas Cowboys: Which first-round draft strategy do you prefer?

Dallas Cowboys. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
Dallas Cowboys. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /
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Penei Sewell, Oregon Ducks
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Five different first-round draft strategies for the Cowboys

  • Quarterback – Look, let’s be real. It had to be said. I’m not saying I favor this option. But if the Cowboys have one of the top three picks, or even one in the top ten, they will seriously consider taking a quarterback, no matter what they say publicly.

They would be foolish not to. Teams don’t often have a draft pick this high. Besides, signing current quarterback Dak Prescott is going to cost a mint.

  • Offensive tackle – Given the Cowboys problems at tackle this year, if Penei Sewell is available, they have to give that serious consideration. There’s a reason he’s in the top three on almost every board. He’s clearly considered to be one of the best athletes in this draft by pretty much everyone.
  • Linebacker – This likely only works if Micah Parsons is still available. Maybe more elite linebackers will assert themselves before the season ends. But as of now, Parsons is about it. And he opted out of the season, due to Covid-19, so he’ll be rusty.
  • Cornerback – Patrick Surtain appears to be the top-rated defensive back in this draft. But like I said, there are at least three more considered very good. This becomes very helpful especially if Dallas wins a few games or decides to…
  • Trade down – Every year, a few teams decide their best option is to trade for more draft picks. And especially if Dallas winds up with a top-three pick, they have to consider it.

These picks are extremely valuable. Let’s say Dallas ends the season with the third overall draft pick. They could wind up with only a slightly lower first-round pick, plus a few extra seconds and a third. Or two firsts, this year, next year, and maybe more. Remember, if there is still an elite quarterback on the board when Dallas picks, there will be offers. And maybe gigantic ones.