3 things to ponder while the Cowboys enter their bye week

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Dallas Cowboys, Garrett Gilbert
Dallas Cowboys, Garrett Gilbert (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

3. A Pittsburgh shuffle

Hey, who were these Dallas Cowboys last week against the Steelers? Talk about injecting some hope in a team full of hopelessness. If you ask me, take away some of those atrocious poor calls, and that games swings for the hometown squad.

Yeah, the Dallas Cowboys got robbed. Clearly, the team played their best ball against arguably the best team, who entered AT&T Stadium as an undefeated organization.

Sure, it might be too little, too late. But based on one game, I think Mike McCarthy saved his head coaching slot and his staff might (and this is a thin might) have saved their jobs.

Why? Because we saw what the Dallas Cowboys could be, even without their preliminary stars at the forefront. I loved the Hail Mary calls on special teams. Sure, it’s out of necessity and we wouldn’t entertain this plays if the Cowboys were at 7-2 standing.

But finally, and I mean finally, we saw a glimpse of what the Cowboys might be like had the coaching crew forced the team to reach its true potential. One game does not change the narrative. That’s not what I am implying.

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For brief moments, we turned the corner and looked behind the curtain. We received a glimpse of what the Cowboys are like perhaps in an alternative universe. Yes, you are what your record states. The ship is sinking. No question. But let’s entertain some spotlights here and there, which will hopefully spill over to the next season.