Dak Prescott and the value of being a Dallas Cowboys quarterback

As the Dallas Cowboys face another expectation filled year, here’s another reason Dak Prescott should prioritize staying in Big D.

The Dallas Cowboys are on the cusp of another one of those years. Every year is one of those years for them, as they are America’s TeamBig D, the Dallas Cowboys.

What this means is just that, as Cowboys fans and as general viewers of the sport, we tend to think that every year is our year. At least a lot of us have fallen victim to that narrative over the years.

With the expectation of this season being as rightfully high as it’s been over the last few years, the Dallas Cowboys should really expect to hear it, see it, and play through it this season.

This can mostly be attributed to the fact that they enter the year with what should be a motivated defense. This is a defense that took a step back last season and a major step back from being borderline elite in the season prior.

You also have expectations due to the other side of the ball. Although this offense played catchup from behind a ton last season, they were practically elite at times last year from a statistical perspective.

You can also look to the fact that they finally brought in a new coach in Mike McCarthy and continued to polish their offensive arsenal with the extensions to Blake Jarwin, Amari Cooper, and the addition of CeeDee Lamb.

Successful Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks will always be taken care of, active or retired, it seems  That fact is exactly why Dak Prescott should want to stay.

While that story is all fine and dandy, there is a storyline that has seemingly been forgotten all about with the rash of new Cowboys storylines.

From the Jamal Adams saga to their shiny new additions along their defensive front (and subsequent subtractions), to As The World Turns starring Earl Thomas, the current socio-political climate, the potential consequences of playing through coronavirus, what that might mean for NFL franchises, and what it might mean their fans being able to attend games, Dak Prescott and his status with the franchise has taken a backseat.

You could view this as being rightfully so, as he was Franchised Tagged and doesn’t have to be dealt with again until after the year if the Cowboys see fit. However, it’s still worth a quick note before we head into the year.

So, since we are here, let’s think about something. We already know and always seem to talk about what it means to be or have been a successful Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback, nevertheless one that won a Super Bowl (or three).

If you don’t understand the notion being discussed, see Tony Romo and Troy Aikman. Both being two of the top NFL broadcasters in the game right now, along with Dak Prescott, current and former Cowboys quarterbacks will make a grand total of $57 million from the game of Football this coming year.

Think about that. When you tally up Dak Prescott’s $31.4 million Franchise Tag salary, Tony Romo’s deal with CBS worth a total salary of $18 millions, and Troy Aikman’s estimated salary of around $7.5 million with FOX, that’s about $57 million.

That’s just it. As the old, short, and to the point adage goes, Money Talks. 

Not only is staying in Dallas good for his current career and earnings alike, with salary, endorsements, and the entirety of the raw perks associated with being the starting signal-caller in Big D, but it would be good for anything he has plans to do after the play calls stop coming in.

As Tony Romo and Troy Aikman have proved, being the Cowboys quarterback is worth its weight in gold, both during and after your actual playing career. That’s the value of being the Dallas quarterback and while it may not be completely up to him, why Dak should be looking to remain there beyond just this year.