Will Randy Gregory return to the Dallas Cowboys this season?

With Dallas Cowboys’ training camp in full swing, what’s up with Randy Gregory?

Training camps for NFL franchises are well underway with new additions to the Dallas Cowboys making some noise. Veteran defensive end Everson Griffen and undrafted free agent linebacker Francis Bernard are two names that have been brought up.

Recently reinstated defensive end, Aldon Smith, has also looked great. Immediately when I heard about Smith, I thought to myself: What’s up with defensive end Randy Gregory?

Not too long after Smith filed for reinstatement, Gregory followed. Smith hasn’t played since 2015, Gregory hasn’t played since 2018. One was reinstated within two months, the other has been waiting for five months.

Why is it that Gregory has been waiting so long on a decision to return to the Dallas Cowboys? Smith officially filed for reinstatement on March 13th, while Gregory filed for reinstatement on March 22nd. Within those nine days, the Covid-19 pandemic broke out.

While nine days is not a long time, it was long enough for the NFL and NFLPA to at least start the process of reinstating Smith before solely working on how to play the 2020 season.

What can Gregory do to speed things up?

Sources told CBS sports that Gregory has done everything he has been asked to do, and more. This includes increasing therapy sessions beyond his required number of sessions, boxing to remain in shape and improve hand speed, and being prepared for any tests.

From what I have seen, the former second-round pick has been ready to return to the Dallas Cowboys for quite some time. He has done everything he possibly could on his end and is waiting for those in the NFLPA and the NFL to come to a decision.

Gregory sees himself in a very unfortunate situation as a result of the pandemic, but now that things appear to be more settled, his name should be called upon soon.

Gregory has publicly called out Joe Briggs, who is his staff counselor from the NFLPA. While the frustrated player was hoping this would accelerate the process, nothing has come to fruition yet.

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While the Dallas Cowboys don’t need Gregory, it would not hurt to have him on the roster. He would be a fringe starting talent playing a backup role. This way the defensive line constantly has threats at all four spots.

At the end of the day, I would expect Gregory to make a return. With the new CBA in place, and seeing Smith reinstated, it is only a matter of time. The Dallas Cowboys will welcome Randy Gregory back with open arms.