The Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott will buck the trend

Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback Dak Prescott will play on the Franchise Tag this upcoming season. After that, he will then buck the trend for Franchised QBs.

The Dallas Cowboys find themselves in a very sticky situation. On top of the fact that Jerry Jones hasn’t said a thing in months on a slew of other things we won’t rehash here, he’s yet to say a word about the scenario they find themselves in with starting signal-caller, Dak Prescott.

Failing to reach a long term deal, the Cowboys and Prescott are set to mutually operate with a one-year pact between them for $31.4 million dollars. While Prescott says that he’s “a Cowboy and couldn’t be happier”, according to USA Today, is that likely to be the case after this season?

Well, not if you listen to Prescott’s brother, Tad Prescott. With this ominous tweet, Prescott’s older brother not only sent Dallas Cowboys fans and media into a tizzy but also gave fuel to the idea that Prescott may not be a Cowboy moving forward after this season.

I mean, since Tad Prescott is likely one of the closest people to Dak and probably is one of the people that knows him best in this world, his word carries at least a smidgen of weight. Well, you then also have this.

If you look at the history of these types of situations between teams and their Franchise quarterbacks, no pun intended, it hasn’t played out well in the light of Dak and the Cowboys continuing as one moving forward. The specific cases are of Drew Brees and Kirk Cousins. This tweet from the NFL Research Department better illustrates the case.

The Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott are traveling a scary road. Teams and players in their current position usually don’t make it out together.

That’s just not good information to bank on or sleep well with at night if you’re a fan considering the position that the Cowboys and Dak Prescott find themselves in right now. Combined with what his brother had to say, that’s just a pair of very disturbing signs if you’re a fan of the Prescott/Cowboys marriage.

While all signs may point to the situation being one of no possible repair, I don’t believe it to be a dire one. I honestly do believe that Dak Prescott wants to be a Cowboy, as they were the team to still take him when they did after he had the DUI throughout the draft process and they were the team to give that same player an opportunity to start and succeed early on in his career.

You also take into account that the Dallas Cowboys were his favorite football team growing up. It’s still a business (in case the $31.4 million dollars doesn’t scream that), but what person, man, or football player can honestly say that they would walk away from being a star player on the team that they grew up rooting for?

This goes double when thinking about the fact that you are the starting star quarterback, with a chance to carry your team, your favorite team, to the promised land. Tell me, what’s better than that?

Who would walk away from that? Especially when you’re bound to at least make close to what you are making this season to do it, within five million dollars per annually at the very least and that’s only if he just has an awful year this year, you can be certain of that as he is still a starting level and serviceable quarterback at the very worst.

These are all the reasons that through it all, the underhanded comments from his closest family members, the complicated negotiations with the Cowboys and Jerry Jones, the hardball hard stances taken by each side, and the through the narratives that have been painted by the fans, the media, and everyone else, they will get a deal done.

That’s why I believe that regardless of it all, the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott will buck the trend. They will eventually get a long term deal done, it’ll just end up costing Jerry Jones a little more money to do it. And believe us, he has it to spare.