Dallas Cowboys: 5 random thoughts before July 2020 starts

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New York Jets, Jamal Adams
New York Jets, Jamal Adams (Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images). /

Making a move for Jamal Adams

Is the month of July the time where the Dallas Cowboys extend their hand out to the New York Jets? Jets fans are anxious. Cowboys fans are anxious.

The “maybe” news is spinning football heads. Depending on how the Prescott situation plays out, the Cowboys might finally be tempted to trade for safety if there is a change in price.

Perhaps the price goes way down. Maybe the owner, Jerry Jones, heads out to the waters on his yacht, gets bored, and phones New York. Who knows?

The lost art of safety

When the Dallas Cowboys pinned Ezekiel Elliott on their draft board in 2016, bright NFL minds accused America’s Team of utter stupidity. The Cowboys were driving backward. Nobody spends high draft capital on running backs; that’s suicide in the modern game that favors aerial attacks.

Since the 2016 NFL Draft, Elliott has touched the football a whopping 1,358 times. He has produced 7,024 yards from scrimmage. Elliott has 48 total touchdowns when you combine rushing and receiving scores from his regular-season tally.

Are the Dallas Cowboys crazy to ponder about safety? In today’s game, the interior defense gets all the affluence, and rightfully so. But nobody ever schemes their defense for 10 players alone. Play and plug in any player at the safety positions appear to be the norm in Dallas.

That’s unfortunate. According to the Pro Football Hall of Fame site, 17 defensive backs are in the Hall of Fame. Next to those 17 stars, 11 safeties are in the Hall of Fame now.

Of the 15 players going into the Hall of Fame in 2020, four of them played at the safety position. These players are Steve Atwater, LeRoy Butler, John Lynch, and Troy Polamalu.