Dallas Cowboys: Is Jamal Adams talking his way out of a trade?

Jamal Adams, New York Jets (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Jamal Adams, New York Jets (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) /

The Dallas Cowboys are going to need Jamal Adams to be quiet if they are to land him via a trade

The Dallas Cowboys and New York Jets safety Jamal Adams flirtation is no secret. Well, more on the end of Adams himself. But we understand this is no breaking news story on where he wants to play football.

Back in October, Adams’s frustration with the Jets front office set in. When rumor hit the NFL that the Jets were taking calls about possibly trading Adams, primarily with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. However, the Jets asking price was outrageous, and talks simmered down.

Let’s now move along to this recent week when Adams requested a trade and gave a list of teams he wanted to go to, via ESPN reporter Adam Schefter. With all of this being said, Adams is going about his request the entirely wrong way and it’s not going to turn out in his favor.

The two primary things Adams wants is to be the highest-paid safety in the league and to do that while wearing a Cowboys’ uniform. The first one is the most important and to be honest, whatever teams throw the ranch at him (when they can), will get him because we all know money talks.

As for playing in Dallas? This is the difficult part and he’s making that less of a reality every day that he speaks. The newest video that was surfaced has him saying that he’s trying to get to Dallas.

Now, there are multiple reasons why Adams is essentially screwing this up for himself and the Cowboys. He’s trying to make it a reality so hard and he’s doing it publicly. Money isn’t the issue if Adams were to even get into Dallas, as he said he’d wait on the extension and take a hometown discount. 

Dallas Cowboys Déjà vu?

Does Baltimore Ravens safety Earl Thomas ring a bell? The Adams hype is moving at a much faster pace and he didn’t necessarily grab an opposing team head coach asking for him to come get him but it sure feels very familiar.

The same way Thomas kept lobbying to be traded to the Cowboys is the same way Adams is doing so. Demanding where he wants his plane ticket to be is not how you get what you want and the Jets are going to do exactly what the Seattle Seahawks did.

If you’re a general manager of a team and a frustrated player demands a trade to a specific team would you do it? Likely not, as it would make you look weak and vulnerable with a potential re-occurrence bound to happen.

Thomas wanted to be in Dallas, just like Adams does. Except, the Seahawks were prepared to send Thomas to the Kansas City Chiefs for two second-round picks, as oppose to Dallas for a first-round pick before he broke his leg.

Why? Simply to not give Thomas what he demanded. That Cowboys pick was later given to the Oakland Raiders for wide receiver Amari Cooper.

Here’s your big difference between those Pro Bowl safeties. Thomas was bound to become a free agent at the end of the year and Adams is under contract for at least two more years and even potentially a third if the Jets decide to franchise tag him.

What about the Jets Front Office?

The Jets aren’t pressed to get rid of Adams because he’s not hurting their salary cap ($13 million in two years) and he’s not going to hold out for two years. What’s the rush? This is the reason why you haven’t seen the Jets openly give permission for Adams to request a trade.

On top of all of this, the Jets General Manager Joe Douglas I’m sure isn’t too pleased about the leaked trade discussions the Cowboys had with him back in October. All the more reason for him not to want to send Adams to Dallas.

Oh, and Douglas wanted a first-round pick from Dallas along with guard Zack Martin or tackle Tyron Smith. What do you think he’s going to want now, a few months later? Good luck!

My only wish is that Adams remains quiet, but that damage is already done. He showed his hand on how badly he wants to be in Dallas and the Jets front office can do nothing but simply laugh at his demands.

Maybe this is all a big setup for Adams and his agent. He’s now vastly gaining the attention of the entire league and I’m sure the Jets phone is ringing off the hook. The more bidders, the higher the cost. The end game could benefit the Jets and Adams will get what he wants all along, to be the highest-paid safety.

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Dallas Cowboys Nation, I think landing Jamal Adams is simply nothing but a pipe dream between his current contractual control by the Jets and by the way he’s conducting himself. But let me hear your thoughts in the comment section below.