The five best free agents ever signed by the Dallas Cowboys

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Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

The Dallas Cowboys have been a popular place for free agents but which ones have been the best during the team’s existence?

The Dallas Cowboys have been frugal as of late when it comes to signing free agents. I remember the days when this front office would take massive swings in free agency to try to make one final push at Super Bowl glory.

I applaud them for being patient in free agency lately but I really do miss the headlines and attention they would grab with their latest prize. While there have been a lot of misses, there have been some good hits.

The one thing that this front office has learned is that you’re never one player away from contention. Team building and chemistry have to be one and the same although it is sometimes frustrating as a fan.

Fans love it when teams make a splash. This led me to wonder which free agents were the Cowboys best. Since the free-agent splash doesn’t seem to be coming this year I had a little fun determining which acquisition was the best.

It was a tough list to compile since there have been quite a few good players brought in over the years but I think I made a very compelling case for the players I chose.

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