Dallas Cowboys: 3 sides to the Byron Jones story

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Us as Cowboys fans

In riding the coattails of the last section, we would be those people that wouldn’t ever let him hear the end of how much his deal is for. That isn’t exclusive to Cowboys fans, but we can be a bit more … shall I say, obnoxious, than other fanbases on most occasions.

We have been jousting on this topic for at least two seasons now and it is about time we nix it. That would give us peace of mind as a base as well, in that although some may have wanted him to stay just as much as I want him to go, at least something will be finite and done.

That totally dismisses the notion that gives us a premise to argue on. With everything else that we find the time, effort, and energy to complain and argue about amongst ourselves, that would be one less issue to in-fight about.

As Cowboy fans, we have enough on our plates in dealing with our own team leadership and other fanbases, it’s important that we be at least amicable amongst one another and this would go a long way towards that goal.

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While some may still feel strongly about keeping Jones, it isn’t the best move for any of us. It isn’t the best move for the Cowboys, it isn’t the best move for Jones, and it isn’t the best move for those of us that support the team and laundry. These have been the angles on why.