Dallas Cowboys: 3 sides to the Byron Jones story

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Dallas Cowboys
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Byron Jones as a player

From Byron Jones’ perspective, I am sure he just wants to get paid and as he deserves to, from some team that sees fit to do so of course. At this particular juncture though, it would be in his best interest to move on and for a few reasons.

The first reason is that the Cowboys are reluctant to pay him in the first place and as indicated by the above quotes. Basically, they don’t think he is worth as much as he does and when there is a difference between parties on potential compensation for a player that probably considers himself in the upper echelon, he’ll never get what he thinks he should. This goes double and especially from Dallas.

The next reason is this in that no matter how much he would end up signing for and even if it was with Dallas, but especially if it were to be the top of the market money, he would never hear the end of it.

If he got a big deal and had a bad game, he would hear it. If he made one bad or bonehead play after getting it, he would hear it. Even if he did well, with where he currently sits amongst some of the fans, he could never do enough to warrant the money it would take in their eyes.

Essentially, for his peace of mind and focus on his job in such a physical game that is NFL football, it would be better for him to have sort of what they call a fresh sleight somewhere else. This plays well into the last and final perspective as well.