Dallas Cowboys: Fighting through Jerry Jones free agency fog for the truth

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(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

The Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has a knack for creating headlines. This offseason is no different, but what is true and what’s just smoke and mirrors?

The Dallas Cowboys now owner Jerry Jones purchased the team for 140 million dollars on Feb. 25, 1989, he immediately made headlines. He was the first person to ever buy a franchise for more than $100 million, ever. But Jones wasn’t done yet, he would go on to fire Hall of Fame head coach Tom Landry and bring in his guy Jimmy Johnson to take over.

Fast forward to the present day and this is the same Jerry Jones we have continued to see over the last 31 years that he has owned the team. He will go out of his way to create buzz around his teams so they stay in the headlines and he is at his best during the offseason and he knows Cowboys Nation and football analysts are going crazy over his players coming and going in free agency.

This season he’s at it again, but I will try to help you through the dense fog that he and his son director of player personnel Stephen Jones are laying down.

First, let’s begin with the elephant in the room: Quarterback Dak Prescott,

The Dallas Cowboys contract talks with Prescott have been ongoing for well over a year now, with both sided positioning themselves to look like winner once the deal is done.

During this time we’ve also heard rumblings about Jerry Jones uncertainty about Prescott being the Cowboys quarterback of the future which have led to rumors about longtime New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady heading to the Cowboys and the team franchise tagging Prescott in an effort to trade him in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Well, all of those rumors are just that, rumors, there is nothing in the history of Jones’s time with the team that shows he is willing to get rid of a star quarterback unless it’s due to an injury. If you have any questions just look back at the contract negotiations between Jones and Tony Romo.

Those contract talks lasted just as long with the Cowboys also looking to sign Romo to a six-year deal that made Romo the highest-paid quarterback at the time with the six years being the only thing that held the two side up from getting a deal done sooner. Which is what they are trying to do currently with Prescott and is what is seemingly the last real hurdle in the contract talks.

We all know Jerry’s favorite line when it comes to negotiations and it couldn’t be truer right now, “Deadlines make deals”. An this deal’s deadline of March 10th is fast approaching, so you should expect a deal sooner rather than later.

Survey Says: False … False … False. Prescott will get signed soon!

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