The Dallas Cowboys backup quarterback position needs to be addressed

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The Dallas Cowboys need to spend some time addressing the backup quarterback position just in case negotiations don’t go as planned.

The main topic surrounding the Dallas Cowboys is the contract situation regarding the team’s starting quarterback Dak Prescott. Everyone has their opinion on what he should or shouldn’t be paid but I’m not sure enough attention is being paid the backup.

Backup quarterback Cooper Rush has maintained his position since entering the league as an undrafted free agent out of Central Michigan University. The Michigan native has been sound when given the chance during preseason games but is Dallas ready to let him lead us during training camp?

Let’s rewind this a bit and take you back to Dak Prescott. Imagine if contract talks with Prescott don’t go as planned and the Cowboys are forced to apply the franchise tag on him. Prescott could very well play the Ezekiel Elliott card from last year and not report to camp.

With a new coaching staff and a playbook that should show some type of new variation, not having Prescott could, in fact, turn into a negotiating tool for Dak and his representatives.

This is where Cooper Rush comes into play. Rush would have to take the majority of the snaps with the first team until the Prescott situation is resolved. Are the Dallas Cowboys confident enough for Rush to take the reigns and keep the seat warm?

I would imagine that at the very minimum some type of competition is warranted. The Cowboys did draft quarterback Mike White in the fifth round of the 2018 NFL Draft out of Western Kentucky University. His tenure was short but using a fifth-round pick on a quarterback is an indicator that maybe some competition is needed.

Cooper Rush did have some good moments during the preseason but I think bringing in an established veteran or drafting a quarterback with a higher pedigree should be in order. Most mock drafts I have seen do not include a quarterback in any of their selections.

This is where I believe Dallas should select quarterback Jake Fromm for the University of Georgia. Fromm was a highly touted prospect whose buzz has diminished a bit from an underwhelming 2019 season.

This is the exact place where I think the Cowboys could capitalize on getting the most from a draft prospect. The last time the Cowboys drafted an SEC quarterback, it turned out pretty well for them. I think if Fromm is there with the 51st pick in the NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys should pounce.

There is also the free agency route that would bring in an experienced veteran although the price of a veteran backup quarterback could prove to be an expense the front office isn’t willing to or able make.

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So before you ridicule me for being too cautious about the backup spot, please remember that Dak Prescott holds all the cards in these negotiations. If Prescott chooses not to show up for training camp, the season could go south even before it starts.