Dallas Cowboys signing Tom Brady makes little sense

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With recent speculation about the Dallas Cowboys’ interest in Tom Brady, would he be a better option for the team than Dak Prescott in 2020?

The continued contract negotiations between the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott has placed the quarterback position under an even brighter spotlight than normal this offseason. Yet, most seem to believe a deal between the two sides is inevitable.

Still, as these negotiations continue to linger unresolved, speculation as to whether Prescott is truly the right choice to lead America’s Team for the foreseeable future has begun to build. Especially as the fifth-year passer’s projected price tag seemingly could put him into the territory of other NFL quarterbacks who have actually led their respective teams to a Super Bowl.

Now, some names have started to pop up as potential replacements for Prescott in Dallas. And one of the biggest has been six-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback Tom Brady, who is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent next month.

In fact, Cowboys’ Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin recently told the WEEI Sports Radio Network that he heard some talk about Dallas potential signing Brady this offseason from some very significant people at the Super Bowl. Irvin would later clarify that this information did not come from anyone connected to the Cowboys’ organization itself.

Why Brady’s name would be associated with the Cowboys is clear. The four-time Super Bowl MVP is simply a winner. Brady is a surefire first-ballot Hall of Famer that any NFL franchise would want leading their team. And there’s no comparing his two-decade-long history with that of Prescott, who has played a mere three seasons in the NFL and won a single playoff game.

A quarterback change could certainly make sense as the Cowboys as they recently went through a regime change hiring Mike McCarthy as their new head coach. But here’s why Dallas signing Brady makes little sense otherwise.

Obviously, Brady will turn 43-years old before the start of this season. Although he’s successfully fought off Father Time for now. But that’s a dude who’s truly undefeated. So, at some point (and probably sometime soon), Brady will no longer be able to perform at a high-level. On the other hand, Prescott is just 26-years old has yet to enter his prime.

Also, many consider Brady to be a system-quarterback. Combined with Bill Belichick, the duo formed the perfect head coach, quarterback combo. It’s unknown whether either would have found success without the other. I’m not sure Dallas wants to be the testing ground for that theory.

Finally, the Cowboys are set up to find success with Prescott under center right now. Offensive coordinator Kellen Moore was retained by McCarthy this offseason after posting the league’s top offense averaging 431.5 yards per game in 2019. The successful relationship built between Prescott and Moore is certainly something this new coaching staff wishes to build upon.

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Although the idea of one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history leading America’s Team to its sixth Super Bowl title is epic, the reality is the Dallas Cowboys are likely better off in the long run extending Dak Prescott and continuing on the journey that they started with him four years ago. And if you believe Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones, signing Brady over Prescott has never even been a thought they’ve entertained.