The Dallas Cowboys absolutely positively no-win situation

In the midst of a huge waste of talent and potential, the 2019 Dallas Cowboys have put themselves in a no-win situation with three games remaining.

I suppose it depends on your outlook on life as to what you hope happens to the Dallas Cowboys over the next three weeks. Some of you are wishing they get their act together, win out and live to see January. Others would like to the losing continue to guarantee a house cleaning.

Either way, it is the ultimate no-win situation. Welcome to the 2019 Dallas Cowboys. I am not here to tell you which side to take. That’s up to you. What am I here to do is to give you an emotionless, logical explanation as to why someone might choose the dark side.

Choosing to live and die on the fortunes of a football team is not an easy life. In many ways, it’s like a marriage. There are good times. There are great times. Then there are the times like what fans of the Dallas Cowboys are currently experiencing.

Over the last 25 years, the good times have been the most prevalent. Since the last time this franchise climbed the highest football mountain, Dallas has made the playoffs ten times. Four times, they have had what you would consider a great year, winning more than 10 games. On the flip side, they have won six games or less in a season seven times.

Just getting to the playoffs might be good enough for a large group of NFL teams. For the Dallas Cowboys, they base their success on hoisting the Lombardi Trophy.

Unfortunately, with just four playoffs wins in a quarter of a century and no NFC Championship game appearances, there is no way to get the sixth ring. Highs and lows are normal for most teams, just not the best ones.

Green Bay and Seattle have won 10+ games seven times this decade. Baltimore, Kansas City, New Orleans, and Pittsburgh have done so six times. New England has done so every year.

All of those teams have either been to the Super Bowl or a Conference championship game. The Cowboys and their three 10+ win seasons since 2010 have not.

What’s the biggest reason for Dallas being stuck in the mud? The combination of the head coach and the owner.

The Dallas Cowboys have had upper echelon talent at the most important positions on the field. Tony Romo and Dak Prescott at quarterback. Dez Bryant and Amari Cooper at the receiver spot. The Demarcus’ (Ware and Lawrence) rushing the quarterback. They have even had soon-to-be Hall of Fame players at tight end and along the offensive line.

Sadly, all that talent has been squandered. This is largely due to the fact that the same man has patrolled the sidelines that entire time.

The presence of Jason Garrett is the main reason it would be most beneficial for the Dallas Cowboys to lose out in 2019. Doing so would guarantee his exit, along with most, if not all of the current staff.

The other reason to hope for this outcome is to save this team for the brutal embarrassment sure to come their way in round one. The 2019 Dallas Cowboys have not won a single game against a  winning football team all year. They have played five playoff teams. Two of them held the Cowboys to ten points or less. Two others beat Dallas by double digits.

In case you’re unaware, IF Dallas makes it to the playoffs, they will be playing a winning team. On that note, let’s take a look at the options facing the Cowboys.

Guaranteed to be nothing better than the fourth seed, Dallas will face one of four opponents. The Cowboys could play San Francisco. Right now, they have 11 wins, with five games scoring 35 points or more and four games holding their opponent under ten points. Given that Dallas can’t stop anyone and is struggling to score right now, that sounds like a match made in hell.

If not San Francisco, it could be the Seattle Seahawks. Seattle is sitting on ten wins right now. They have scored 30 points or more four times and currently 6-1 on the road. They also have one of the two most likely candidates for MVP in quarterback Russell Wilson. Also, not good.

Lastly, there is a very outside chance of a rematch with the 9-4 Minnesota Vikings. Minnesota has already been to AT&T Stadium and walked out victorious.

In that game, the Vikings trailed for just seven minutes, using running back Dalvin Cook to destroy the Dallas defense with almost 200 rushing and receiving yards. They were also without several key starters, namely receiver Adam Thielen. A healthy Vikings team might put up forty of this Cowboys defense without batting an eye.

All in all, the Dallas Cowboys are not going to win the Super Bowl in 2019. Losing out would be the best alternative. The removal of this coaching staff and a top ten draft pick sounds far more appealing than a three-touchdown first-round blowout.