Dallas Cowboys fall short against Vikings due to poor coaching

The Dallas Cowboys had everything set up for them to get a much-needed win at home. Sadly, after being outcoached they couldn’t take advantage.

The Dallas Cowboys came into this game knowing that they needed to pick up the win to stay ahead of the Philadelphia Eagles who had the week off.  Yet once again this offense just can’t seem to get off to a fast start, after driving the ball, kicker Brett Maher missed a 57-yard field goal. From that point on the Minnesota Vikings would be able to control this game with their running game led by Dalvin Cook.

The Vikings were consistently able to set the edge on the Dallas Cowboys defensive linemen and linebackers, allowing Cook the break off large chunks of yards. Every time the Cowboys would figure out a way to try and stop the Vikings, the Vikings would change the formation keeping the Cowboys off-balanced. Cooks would go on to end the game with 183 total yards.

But it wasn’t all bad news for the Cowboys, even though running back Ezekiel Elliott wasn’t ever able to get going running the ball, quarterback Dak Prescott was able to exploit the Vikings man to man coverage.

Every time the Vikings would blitz Prescott, he was able to quickly find his open receivers in Amari Cooper, Randall Cobb, and Michael Gallup. That combination led to Prescott going 28-46 for 397 yards, three touchdowns, and one interception.

Unfortunately for the Cowboys, it wouldn’t be enough to beat the Vikings as the Dallas Cowboys would go on to lose 28-24. The problem for the Cowboys with this loss is that this coaching staff was outcoached plain and simple.

You can look at head coach Jason Garrett‘s decision to go for and miss the 57-yard field goal, taking the ball out of Prescott’s hands in with a third and goal with the game on the line. You can also look at defensive play-caller Kris Richard not adjusting to how the Vikings offense attacked his defense in the running game.

While the players on the field at certain positions failed to step up to the challenge it was the Dallas Cowboys coaching staff that really hurt the Cowboys in this game. Now the Cowboys are tied with the Eagles, but still, lead the division thanks to their win over the Eagles a few weeks ago. Sadly things aren’t going to be as easy for the Cowboys as it will for the Eagles to end the season.

This might have been the Dallas Cowboys’ best chance to maintain their lead in the division, but that’s gone now thanks to the poor coaching showed Sunday night.