Dallas Cowboys: Sloths, slugs, snails, and America’s Team

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Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys took their second consecutive defeat on Sunday against the Green Bay Packers. They came alive late, but entirely too late.

The Dallas Cowboys were supposed to come into Sunday with somewhat of a chip on their shoulders. Besides, they had all the reasons in the world to feel that way.

On the previous Sunday night, they had lost a rock fight in New Orleans to a starting quarterback not named Drew Brees. They had been knocked off their proverbial pedestal of being undefeated. They had also probably at least been made aware of the narrative that was starting to be whispered about them.

This is the narrative where the Dallas Cowboys look good against the teams that they are supposed to look good against but don’t show up in the big games. Well apparently, none of that mattered, nor did they bear any chips on their shoulders.

The Dallas Cowboys got off to a slow start, as has actually been the case since Week Three’s game against the Miami Dolphins. Even though they didn’t get off to slow starts in the two weeks prior to that game, they weren’t their sharpest in the first halves of those games either, looking much better in the second halves of those games.

As mentioned earlier, those problems also continued Sunday and definitely reflected on the scoreboard in a major way. The Cowboys closed the first half scoreless while the Green Bay Packers finished with 17 points on the board, but it wasn’t for a lack of trying.

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