Dallas Cowboys: Sloths, slugs, snails, and America’s Team

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Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

See … what had happened was …

Amari Cooper pulled an Amari Cooper early in the game on a play that could have been a huge play or maybe even a touchdown. The Cowboys’ top wide receiver let a ball that should have been grabbed get off of his hands, except it was also intercepted on this occasion, which was the worst possible outcome.

That was just the first of quarterback Dak Prescott‘s three interceptions though, which is a story that has its share of good and bad news. The good news could be that he could have had four picks but he had one called back after a penalty was called.

But Prescott also should have only had two interceptions on the stat sheet because there was a clear and obvious contact call missed that more than likely led to another. Some might say that Dak should have waited to see how the receiver would behave, and that would be fair as well.

The defense wasn’t nearly at their best either. You could give some of the blame to the fact that the offense couldn’t stay on the field long enough to give them a break, but what they allowed was still a bit excessive.

It wasn’t so much the yardage allowed as much as it was the fact that they were constantly gashed by Packers running back Aaron Jones, to a tune of 182 yards total (107 rushing, 75 receiving) and four touchdowns on the day.

They did make a few big stops in the second half as the Cowboys attempted to make a comeback, but they haven’t been their sharpest at all times this season either. There was a bogus call or two made but that doesn’t excuse their lack of consistency as a unit.

If you look at Prescott’s performance as a whole, it was another one of those head-scratcher games where he wasn’t god-awful, but he wasn’t great. He completed 27 of 44 passes, for 463 yards but only two touchdowns. He also had three interceptions, although again if you consider Cooper’s role in the first and the no-call on the other, it’s a tricky call there as well.

This is not acceptable though. Prescott needs to be much better. He needs to be sharper if he expects to be the man that is to be paid what he seeks to be paid and the man at the helm of this Cowboys team for years to come.

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