Recent study proves Dallas Cowboys have the NFL’s best fans

Dallas Cowboys fans (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Dallas Cowboys fans (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

A recent study at Emory University has shown that the Dallas Cowboys are the top fan base in the entire NFL. What makes them so special?

Dallas Cowboys fans were at the top a recent study that ranked all NFL fan bases from best to worst. According to Michael Lewis and Emory University’s Goizueta School of Business, the Dallas Cowboys ranked No. 1 based on the metrics they used.

The three metrics used in this study were fan equity, road equity and social equity. Charean Williams of Pro Football Talk released the rankings of this study from top to bottom.

So who has the best fandom in the entire NFL? Here are the results from those findings …

1. Dallas Cowboys
2. New England Patriots
3. Philadelphia Eagles
4. New York Giants
5. Pittsburgh Steelers
6. Green Bay Packers
7. Denver Broncos
8. Chicago Bears
9. San Francisco 49ers
10. New Orleans Saints
11. Washington Redskins
12. Indianapolis Colts
13. Atlanta Falcons
14. Miami Dolphins
15. Seattle Seahawks
16. Carolina Panthers
17. Oakland Raiders
18. Baltimore Ravens
19. Buffalo Bills
20. New York Jets
21. Houston Texans
22. Detroit Lions
23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
24. Minnesota Vikings
25. Arizona Cardinals
26. Los Angeles Chargers
27. Cleveland Browns
28. Cincinnati Bengals
29. Jacksonville Jaguars
30. Tennessee Titans
31. Kansas City Chiefs
32. Los Angeles Rams

Although the Dallas Cowboys were No. 1, making their fans happy, there were many fans that were not happy.

Upon the release of these rankings, members of many of these fan bases went to Twitter to give their feedback.

Dolphins over #BillsMafia is an absolute joke.@Wolfie2424

Jaguars ahead of the Rams and KC?@Jay3434

Dolphins at 14 is a joke they can’t even sellout games. Lions,Cards,Jets,Chargers all ahead of Browns just isn’t right.@ConradMorgan23

Jags over the Chiefs? Really?@jroc967

While other fans argue over who’s better than who, Cowboys fans are sitting just fine at the top of the list. This is no surprise as they had the highest average attendance last season, according to Christina Gough of Statista. The Dallas home attendance average was outstanding at nearly 92,000. This was over 13,000 more on average than even the second highest team, the New York Jets.

Including standing room, the AT&T Stadium in which the Cowboys play can expand and holds roughly 105,000 fans which certainly helps their case. Having one of the largest stadiums in the NFL like this gives a huge advantage. Dallas Cowboys fans are also arguable the most wide-spread fans across the country and travel to road games extremely well.

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Bottom line: When it come so to sports fans, the Dallas Cowboys are some of the best in any sport, not just the NFL. Do you agree? Let us know in the comment section below.