Amari Cooper on Dallas Cowboys new offense: Same plays but disguised

Many are wondering what the Dallas Cowboys’ new offense will look like. According to Amari Cooper, they’re running the same plays only disguised.

While under center for the Boise State Broncos, Kellen Moore became one of the greatest quarterbacks in college football history. Leading his team to a 50-3 record, the undersized Moore was never able to translate his college success to the NFL as a player. But he might be able to do so as the Dallas Cowboys‘ new offensive coordinator.

As a quarterback, Moore used anticipation and accuracy to combat his lack of size or arm strength. But his greatest weapon was his mind, as the young passer orchestrated an offense at Boise State that used motion and shifts to disguise formations, confusing opposing defenses.

The 29-year old was named the Cowboys’ new offensive coordinator this offseason after serving as the team’s quarterbacks coach last year. And it appears Moore is bringing the same camouflage-style offense he had so much success with at Boise State to Dallas.

Here’s what wide receiver Amari Cooper told reporters via the Dallas Cowboys official YouTube page about Moore’s new offensive scheme in Big D.

“It’s not a whole lot different, but it’s small variations like, we’re really running the same plays but we’re disguising them … so we’re basically running it out of different formations, different shifts and motions to confuse the defense.”

At first, it might be confusing for fans to hear that the Cowboys are essentially running the same plays they did under former offensive coordinator Scott Linehan. But that shouldn’t be a big surprise considering Moore spent six years in Linehan’s system, first with the Detroit Lions and eventually following him to Dallas.

Two other things to consider is the fact these players know these plays, so the learning curve is minimized. And this team has had success under this system, having won their division twice in the past three seasons. So tweaking the gameplan over flat-out replacing it seems prudent.

It appears the main focus for improving the Dallas Cowboys’ offense this offseason has been finding creative ways to disguise their existing plays. And the word coming out of OTAs and minicamp seems to indicate the man set to orchestrate those changes, fourth-year quarterback Dak Prescott, is having the best offseason of his career.

Although the Cowboys’ offense may run through All-Pro running back Ezekiel Elliott, Prescott is the key to making Kellen Moore’s new creative scheme work. And it appears Dak is set to have his best performance yet.