The Dallas Cowboys 3 most underrated players are …

Anthony Brown, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
Anthony Brown, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /
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Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images /

The Dallas Cowboys do not just have a few star players. They also have several good role players who fly under the radar. But, who is overlooked the most?

The trick to building a decent roster in today’s NFL is to acquire just a few elite players. The Dallas Cowboys have gathered players like running back, Ezekiel Elliott. Players like defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence, and like wide receiver Amari Cooper.

The trick to building a roster capable of contending for a championship is to surround the star players with multiple guys that get the job done. Occasionally these players will lose on a snap, but over the entire length of the game, they do things that help the team win. However, these players do not get the recognition they deserve.

So for one moment, let’s shift our focus off the guys who lead in jersey sales, and look at the glue of the team and try to pick out the most underrated player for the Dallas Cowboys. To start this list is defensive lineman, Tyrone Crawford.

3. Tyrone Crawford, Defensive lineman

Crawford is perfect for the Rod Marinelli’s (defensive coordinator) defense. He can line up everywhere on the defensive line, play the run, and rush the passer.

Last year, Crawford recorded six sacks, 27 quarterback hurries, and 19 tackles. These stats may seem pretty insignificant for those that only see Crawford as a defensive end. But last year, Crawford lined up as a defensive tackle for 327 snaps out of his total 631, per Pro Football Focus.

One could debate whether or not Crawford is worth the $7 million cap hit, but when it comes to talking about the key players on Dallas’ roster, Crawford’s name is rarely mentioned. Unfortunately, Crawford could be facing a misdemeanor charge for getting into a physical altercation earlier this year.

The Cowboys might be without Crawford for a few games, but Dallas has invested many resources into getting more depth around the defensive line. Hopefully, this would mitigate the potential loss of Crawford.