Dallas Cowboys: Did Conor McGregor give them an identity?

The Dallas Cowboys and Mr. Conor McGregor have something in common: Both are blockbuster entities in their respective sport. Did McGregor save the Cowboys?

There’s no denying UFC superstar Conor McGregor. Combining his star power with the Dallas Cowboys may have been too much for the Jacksonville Jaguars, and maybe even for the world. When you have a former two-weight world champion strutting his stuff on home soil, it’s hard not to get pulled into his magnetic field.

Let’s be real here, the Dallas Cowboys had no business suiting up with the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Florida team, rolling in deep with their number one defense, was supposed to derail the Cowboys who up until this point, have no identity and are simply wishy-washy on Sundays.

Mr. McGregor, who has a lethal left hand with knock out powers that put his opponents unconscious, may have traded his secrets with Dallas. Dallas Cowboys 40, Jacksonville Jaguars 7.

So, you’re going to tell me this was just a coincidence? Goodness, I would have believed this outcome if the score was flipped. Led by quarterback Dak Prescott‘s legs, the Cowboys sliced and diced the number one defense into the abyss. If we were on the Jags sideline, I’d feel nothing but embarrassment.

At 3-3, the Cowboys find themselves half a game away from the division leader. But more importantly, America’s Team may have found the elusive identity that hasn’t shown up thus far in 2018.

Of course, this doesn’t rocket the Dallas Cowboys into Super Bowl territory. But let’s get one thing clear here: The Jaguars are a playoff team with Super Bowl DNA written around them. The 2018 Cowboys have clear problems with their architecture. At times this season, the Cowboys have looked lost and lethargic, a team led by a gutless head coach.

But, last Sunday, the ‘Boys showed that they are capable of landing the power hand with the best of them. Was this all a fluke? Well, Conor’s left hand isn’t and he’s proven that over and over. Nobody adds a spice of controversy to his punches. The man may have lost a four-round bout with his new nemesis, Khabib Nuragomedov, but he has shown remarkable ability to bounce back after harsh defeats.

The Cowboys, fresh from an overtime loss to the Texans, learned how to stand back up again like the “champ, champ.” The question remaining is how will the new foundation of swagger swings the 2018 Cowboys.

Now is the time to load up the power hand. And if the Cowboys forget some technique, Conor McGregor is always welcome back to AT&T Stadium.

Final Notes:

Dak Prescott has a great Conor McGregor impression. I loved it. He had the walk down.

• I loved how all the Cowboys players used McGregor’s guest appearance to their advantage. The Boys looked like they were having fun out there, and you got to believe the fans fed off this. Was it a coincidence that the team played their best ball thus far?

• Hands down, Ezekiel Elliott had the worst McGregor impression. His strut was nothing like the Irish man. Now, that touchdown run was all fancy (got to give him that). That guy has turbo mode. I can’t imagine what it’d be like to experience his speed on the field, but on television, it’s super-fast. Zeke boy should stick to his day job — impressions aren’t his thing. Sorry, fam.

• Well, looky, looky: The Cowboys are 3-0 at home for the first time since 1999. They haven’t started out this well at home since, well, never. AT&T Stadium is finally their home now. Ok, that took almost 10 years.

• Prescott showed his talents by rushing. We focus so much on his inaccuracy with his throws that we shy away from his legs. His legs are an asset. The number one defense did not have an answer. Did the Cowboys find their old blueprint? More importantly, will they continue to add this to their arsenal of knock out power?

• Mr. McGregor throws a football like it’s a soccer ball. Sir, the laces are there for a reason. That was hilarious.

• The score: Zeke 1, Jalen Ramsey 0.