Colin Cowherd names Dallas Cowboys the top American sports brand

Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images)
Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images) /

Are the Dallas Cowboys the top American sports brand? According to national sports pundit Colin Cowherd, the Cowboys are undoubtedly America’s Team.

To fans of the Dallas Cowboys, they are “America’s Team” … and always will be. It was a moniker earned through the team’s successes of the 1970’s and bolstered by three Super Bowl wins in the early 1990’s. It’s part of the fabric and history of the beloved franchise and not a transferable label given to the NFL team that is simply “hot” at the time.

Still, it’s been over 20 years since the Cowboys last went to a Super Bowl. In fact, Dallas has made it to the playoffs just eight times since 1996. And they have won just three postseason games in that same span.

Despite the lack of on-field success, the Cowboys still possess the biggest fanbase in the NFL. Their nationally televised games are the most viewed programs on television. Cowboys fans pack the stands at opposing stadiums regularly, negating home-field advantage for many rival NFL teams. For years, it’s players have been among the top in both merchandise and jersey sales.

Simply put, the Dallas Cowboys are the most popular team in the NFL. But are they the top American sports brand? Where do the Cowboys rank among fellow sports juggernauts like the MLB’s New York Yankees, the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers and college football’s Notre Dame? According to national sports pundit Colin Cowherd, Dallas trumps them all!

"“Let’s start with number one. And this is an inarguable number one. It’s the Dallas Cowboys,” announced Cowherd on his nationally syndicated radio show, The Herd, last week. “They were the number one rated football game on five networks last year … Networks alter their schedule for the Dallas Cowboys … this is an easy one.”"

Cowherd is right. This is an easy one. Cowboys fans come in all shapes and sizes. And they live everywhere. The nationally televised success of those 1970’s team that featured the likes of quarterback Roger Staubach, wide receiver Drew Pearson, defensive tackle Randy White and the memorable Ed “Too Tall” Jones, laid the foundation for an ultra-loyal fanbase that thrives today.

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Although opposing fanbases hate to admit it, the Dallas Cowboys are and will forever be America’s Team. And despite the lack of playoff success over the years, everything from TV ratings to bobblehead sales proves their fanbase is alive and well. And it’s the fans themselves that make the Cowboys the top sports brand in America. And I don’t see that changing anytime soon.