Dallas Cowboys: Every compensatory pick in the last 10 years

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The Dallas Cowboys were awarded four compensatory picks in the upcoming NFL draft. Let’s take a look at their recent history with those extra selections.

The Dallas Cowboys got some very good news last week. Due to their free agency losses from last season, the NFL has awarded the Cowboys four compensatory selections in the upcoming draft. Those picks include an extra fourth round selection (#137), two fifth round picks (#171, #173) and another one in the sixth round (#208).

In total, the Cowboys now have 10 selections in the 2018 NFL Draft. So with all these extra picks, you’d figure it gives Dallas much more ammunition in order to find a sleeper or two in the later rounds of the draft. But in the recent past, how have the Cowboys fared when using their compensatory picks? Do they have a track record of success or failure?

Let’s find out as we dive into the last 10 years of compensatory picks for the Dallas Cowboys below …

2008 – None

2009 – 5th Round, #172 – David Buehler, K – USC; 6th Round, #208 – John Phillips, TE – Virginia

2010 – None

2011 – 7th Round, #252 – Bill Nagy, C – Wisconsin

2012 – 4th Round. #135 – Matt Johnson, S – Eastern Washington

2013 – None

2014 – 7th Round, #248 – Ahmad Dixon, SS – Baylor; 7th Round, #251 – Ken Bishop, DT – NIU; 7th Round, #254 – Terrance Mitchell , CB – Oregon

2015 – None

2016 – 4th Round, #135 – Dak Prescott, QB – Mississippi State; 6th Round, #212 – Kavon Frazier, S – Central Michigan; 6th Round, #216 – Darius Jackson, RB – Eastern Michigan; 6th Round, #217 – Rico Gathers, TE – Baylor

2017 – 6th Round, #216 – Marquez White, CB – Florida State (Trade with New England)

Clearly, 2016 could go down in history as one of the greatest draft hauls in recent memory. Landing Prescott in the fourth round will likely be considered one of the biggest steals in NFL history. Throw in Frazier and Gathers in the sixth to boot, and you have clear evidence of some quality scouting work there.

One of the bigger misses has to be the fourth round selection used on safety Matt Johnson, although injures plagued his time in Dallas. And the three extra selections in 2014 were all seventh rounders, whom rarely work out.

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All-in-all, the Dallas Cowboys haven’t seen a compensatory haul like the one this offseason since 2016. Fans can only hope it works out just as well.