Dallas Cowboys headlines: Keeping Hitchens, Adding Derrick Johnson?

KANSAS CITY, MO - NOVEMBER 6: Inside linebacker Derrick Johnson
KANSAS CITY, MO - NOVEMBER 6: Inside linebacker Derrick Johnson /

The Dallas Cowboys want to keep linebacker Anthony Hitchens. But can they? We’ll talk about that and much more in today’s headlines.

Well, Dallas Cowboys fans. We are in the thick of it! The offseason is well underway with a pending franchise tag looming for defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence and the NFL Scouting Combine starting this upcoming week.

One of the bigger questions circling around The Star in Frisco concerns the future of free agent linebacker Anthony Hitchens in Dallas. The Cowboys clearly would love to keep him, as would many fans. So what’s the obstacle? We’ll get into that hot topic and many more in today’s headlines!

Cowboys want to keep Anthony Hitchens – Pro Football Talk

The Cowboys want Hitchens to stay. Fans want Hitchens to stay. I think Hitchens probably wants Hitchens to stay. So what’s the issue? Money, folks. And lots of it. With veterans like Lawrence and All-World guard Zack Martin to pay, it’s simply unknown whether the Cowboys will have enough money to appease the free agent linebacker. Pay cuts for players like wide receiver Dez Bryant could be key in making it happen.

Why the Cowboys should stay away from former Chiefs LB Derrick Johnson this offseason  – Dallas Morning News

35-years old. That’s likely the biggest deterrent for any NFL team to sign Derrick Johnson, the longtime Kansas City Chiefs linebacker. But Dallas has an unusual situation. This is a team that kept bringing Justin Durant back from the dead. Johnson would be an upgrade and a deal to boot if he’ll take the veteran minimum.

Mailbag: TE Depth On The Roster? Weighing In On Dez Bryant’s Status – DallasCowboys.com

Again, the topic of tight end will not die when it comes to the Cowboys. My two cents is that it’s all about the progression of Rico Gathers. If the former Basketball player is intent on becoming the league’s top tight end and starts showing signs of it, Dallas has their future replacement for Jason Witten and plenty of role players already on their roster for depth.

‘The Timeline’: How ’bout them Cowboys? Charles Haley trade sends Dallas to Super Bowl – NFL.com

The Charles Haley trade was one of the greatest in franchise history. It directly led to the Cowboys winning three Super Bowl titles in the 1990’s. Yet, I don’t believe this current regime in Dallas would even consider that trade now. It’s sad how locked into one philosophy this group has been. They’ve missed out on chances like this one.

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Stephen Jones: “We Don’t Want DeMarcus Lawrence Going Anywhere” – DallasCowboys.com

It appears DeMarcus Lawrence has 17 million reasons to stay in Dallas as well. The Cowboys are apparently going all-in on Tank. But he’s essentially a one-year wonder. Once offensive coordinators started focusing on him late last season, Lawrence struggled. It will be interesting to see if he can duplicate his success this upcoming season as one of the highest paid pass rushers in the NFL.