Dak Prescott embarrassed in an accuracy competition (Video)

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Dallas Cowboys fans knew that second-year quarterback Dak Prescott wasn’t the most accurate passer in the NFL. But they likely didn’t know he was this bad.

When Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott started dominating the preseason during his rookie year, passing for 454 yards, five touchdowns, zero interceptions and completing 39 of 50 passes, no one was likely shock more than Dallas’ own coaching staff.

At that point, the Cowboys’ fourth round selection had struggled with accuracy issues throughout the offseason. And if it wasn’t for injuries suffered by starter, Tony Romo, and his primary backup, Kellen Moore, Prescott would have likely started his rookie season as the team’s third string quarterback.

But Prescott would seemingly only get better that year, defying the odds by leading America’s Team on an 11-game winning streak, a 13-3 ending record and a bid in the divisional round of the playoffs. Dak ended the 2016 regular season completing 67.8% of his passes, the fourth highest completion percentage in the NFL.

Last season, Prescott took a step back in his development. For some critics, returning to Earth and the early struggles they predicted when Dak was coming out of Mississippi State. More Clark Kent than Superman in 2017, Prescott’s completion percentage dropped 4.9% in year two. And his interception total jumped from four picks his rookie season, to 13.

Needless to say, accuracy was a big issue for Prescott this past year. And many attributed those issues to poor offensive line play (mainly due to injury), the inability of his wide receivers to gain consistent separation and the six-game suspension levied on his starting running back, Ezekiel Elliott, for suspected domestic violence.

But after an embarrassing display of accuracy on NFL Network recently, those excuses start to ring hollow. The fact is, Prescott may not be the player fans believe he is. Although that might seem to be an exaggeration here, all the evidence points to a player who is regressing when it comes to accuracy.

In the below video, Prescott is placed in a passing challenge with former Houston Texans quarterback David Carr. Now an analyst for NFL Network, the 38-year old was also the number one overall selection in the 2002 NFL Draft and an 11-year veteran.

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More than five years removed from the NFL, Carr easily outshines a struggling Prescott in the above competition. And some of Dak’s throws aren’t even close to hitting the mark.

Carr performs the way you’d expect a professional quarterback would, making quick work of the majority of the targets. Especially, the shorter ones. Prescott just looks lost in comparison. Surprisingly, for someone labeled a game manager, the only target Dak did hit was the farthest one away.

Obviously, we don’t know the situation Prescott was in prior to this competition taking place. Did he get to warm up? Was Dak not expecting to throw? Was his clothing restricting his throwing motion? But ultimately, this performance will only further confirm what many Dallas Cowboys fans have feared. That Prescott isn’t a very accurate passer, despite the gaudy numbers put up his rookie season. And he appears to be getting worse.

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Maybe it’s time for this young quarterback to stop making public appearances, endorsement deals and commercials so he can dedicate more time to actually improving his game. Because the truth is, being the quarterback of America’s Team can make you feel successful and like a winner before you actually are. And though Dak Prescott is one of the biggest sports star in the world right now, he’s yet to win a single playoff game.

Hey Dak. Nick Foles has a Super Bowl ring. Time to step it up.