Dallas Cowboys: The troubling draft history of the 19th overall pick

The Dallas Cowboys own the 19th overall selection of the upcoming 2018 NFL Draft. Let’s take a look at the troubling history of that pick.

Many believed the Dallas Cowboys final game of the season, against a Philadelphia Eagles team that is now headed to the NFC Championship game this weekend, was meaningless for both sides. But in fact, the outcome of that divisional matchup had a huge impact on the Cowboys when it comes to the 2018 NFL Draft.

Opting to play their starters despite having already been eliminated from the postseason, Dallas squeaked out a 6-0 victory in chilly Philly in Week 17. The win gave America’s Team a 9-7 record. Unfortunately, the game’s outcome also dropped the Cowboys three spots in every round of the upcoming draft. And in the first round, instead of owning the 16th overall selection, Dallas dropped to the 19th pick. Thus making the Cowboys’ final victory anything but meaningless.

Whether you agree with the team’s decision to go all out in the final game or not, the deed has been done. And now the Cowboys must live with the results. So, let’s take a look at the recent history of the 19th overall selection to get a sense of the talent typically available at that point in the first round.

Below is every 19th overall selection in the NFL draft since the year 2000.

2017 – O.J. Howard, TE, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2016 – Shaq Lawson, DE, Buffalo Bills
2015 – Cameron Erving, C, Cleveland Browns
2014 – Ja’Wuan James, OT, Miami Dolphins
2013 – Justin Pugh, OT, New York Giants
2012 – Shea McClellin, DE, Chicago Bears
2011 – Prince Amukamara, CB, New York Giants
2010 – Sean Weatherspoon, LB, Atlanta Falcons
2009 – Jeremy Maclin*, WR, Philadelphia Eagles
2008 – Jeff Otah, OT, Carolina Panthers
2007 – Michael Griffin*, S, Tennessee Titans
2006 – Antonio Cromartie*, CB, San Diego Chargers
2005 – Alex Barron, OT, St. Louis Rams
2004 – Vernon Carey, OT, Miami Dolphins
2003 – Kyle Boller, QB, Baltimore Ravens
2002 – Ashley Lelie, WR, Denver Broncos
2001 – Casey Hampton*, DT, Pittsburgh Steelers
2000 – Shaun Alexander*, RB, Seattle Seahawks

*denotes Pro Bowler

As you can see, there aren’t a lot of transcendent names in the above list of draftees. Out of the 18 players, only five of them have ever been to the Pro Bowl. The most prominent name on this list is Hampton, who is a five-time Pro Bowler with two Super Bowl victories under his belt.

All-in-all, this is a pretty troubling list if you are a Dallas Cowboys fan. Not only did your team squander their opportunity of landing a much higher selection in every single round of the upcoming NFL draft, their chances of getting themselves an All-Pro level player are certainly much lower. And the fact that the 19th overall draft spot hasn’t yielded a Pro Bowler in nearly a decade only confirms as much.