Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins: 3 things to think about

LANDOVER, MD - OCTOBER 29: Quarterback Dak Prescott
LANDOVER, MD - OCTOBER 29: Quarterback Dak Prescott /

The 2017 Dallas Cowboys are heading the wrong direction. Is 2018 the only solution? Either way, the Redskins are on their way. Are the ‘Boys done for?

Losing is a cruel tonic to drink during the holiday season. Look, there’s no clean way to lay this out, so let’s just call it like we see it.

The Dallas Cowboys are done for 2017.

Ouch. Let that sink in. The month of December hasn’t even rolled around. The playoff picture, still includes the Cowboys, but let’s be real about the odds.

I started inking for this site back in December of 2012. In my five years of writing about the Cowboys, I have never saw a poorer stretch of three consecutive games as this one. This is bad. And, sadly, it will get worse.

But the things that got me hot are some of the knee-jerk reactions about this 5-6 team. I’m baffled about the blame, the punishment, and the supposedly problems that exist within the team’s core.

More on that. So, let’s break this down.

Dak Prescott finds the sophomore slump jinx

Let’s be clear about something: A span of three games doesn’t make or break a player. If that was the logical metric, nobody would have a job, let alone Dak Prescott or any other talented quarterback for that matter.

Sure, number four stank it up. He made poor decisions. He threw some bad balls. No excuses. Catching lightning in the bottle doesn’t come without its ups and downs, though.

The thing is, I want to see how Prescott handles this adversity. Before we call for the Tony Romo bell, and ring it, let’s see what he does.

I mean, really, who are you going to call? The Denver Broncos for advice? Maybe, um, trade for Paxton Lynch. Please.

Franchise quarterbacks hit ceilings. The best ones learn, as we know, and go on to bigger things. Dak deserves to see this learning curve to its end.

Tyron Smith and his friends

Going back to the NFL 2017 draft, do you still think I am crazy for thinking offensive tackle Ryan Ramczyk over Taco Charlton?

You can never have enough talented offensive linemen. With the number of changes at the front line, it’s not hard to believe how far the Cowboys fell from one year ago. From one month ago.

The Cowboys run to protect their defense. The team’s overall vitality depends on a healthy, competent front line.

It’s no surprise that this team faltered hard when Smith fell out of the lineup. Maybe give the big fellas up front a little more credit, huh? Maybe I wasn’t too crazy for thinking offensive lineman in the first round, again, eh?

A tale of two teams

First, the Philadelphia Eagles were hanging back, licking their chops, waiting for their shot at the star. Now, the Washington Redskins are hanging around, ready for some revenge.

This isn’t going to be pretty.

Cowboys Nation had to endure the prime-time light when the Cowboys faced the Falcons 16 days ago. The following week, the ‘Boys were blasted out of the sky. Eagles 37, Cowboys 9. Five days ago, the Cowboys followed suit with a 28-6 losing performance to the Chargers.

Now, the Skins are coming. On national, prime time television. This my friend, ain’t going to be pretty.

Next: Could Tony Romo be the Dallas Cowboys next head coach?

And, of course, the way things are going you know Jason Garrett is going to call a time out to stop the bleeding. Clap. Clap.

Where’s that 2018 tonic when you really need it?