Are Dak Prescott’s quarterback skills regressing in Year 2?

DENVER, CO - SEPTEMBER 17: Quarterback Dak Prescott
DENVER, CO - SEPTEMBER 17: Quarterback Dak Prescott /

Many expected Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott to be better in year two, but so far he’s posting numbers that don’t equal NFL success.

Is any member of Cowboy Nation looking forward to seeing our Dallas Cowboys battle the Arizona Cardinals after witnessing our abysmal performance against the Denver Broncos last week? The Broncos defense decided that they were not going to let running back Ezekiel Elliott beat them. That shifted all of the pressure onto the inaccurate arm of quarterback Dak Prescott who could not deliver.

I’ve seen our offensive line handle stout defenses like the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle. I don’t doubt that our offensive line is the real deal. The difference in those days was our amazing, yet underappreciated quarterback Tony Romo who unceremoniously lost his starting job last year because of a winning streak.

The Denver Broncos defense set up in man coverage across the board multiple times. That’s a coverage that would make Romo’s eyes wider than the video screen at AT&T stadium – aka the House that Romo Built.

Facing single coverage, Romo would have used his supernatural passing accuracy and eerily wicked pocket presence – #ThatSpinMoveTho – to shoot the football from the pocket like a cruise missile sixty yards downfield to a spot smaller than an ant’s left buttock.

That’s an entire skill-set that Prescott hasn’t developed yet and appears to be a long way from having. His pocket presence was horrible. He rushed throws from the pocket instead of letting routes develop.

Watching him live on every passing play, he stared down receivers – waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting – until they were clearly open. One receiver on the left, three receivers on the right – Prescott would stare at the lone receiver on the left the entire route and then throw an inaccurate 6 yard incompletion.

Speaking of incompletions, here’s some fabulous stadium knowledge – the Broncos fans chant that the quarterback’s pass was – “IN – COME – PLETE”. I knew I was going to be in for a long day. Just take a closer look at Prescott’s stats this season, because many of you believed he would be better this year.

Prescott is ranked 28th with 5.69 yards per pass attempt this season. He’s ranked 21st with a 60.7% completion rate – 89 attempts with 54 completions. I hope it gets better, but I’m doubtful. Last season, Prescott and Elliott were rookies and defensive coordinators didn’t have a chance to study their tendencies. Defensive players get paid too! The Cowboys were also coming off a 4 – 12 season in 2015 which gave us really weak strength of schedule in 2016.

This year is different – we are NFC East division champions. We will get quality opponents as well as opposition from what might be the best division in the AFC. Elliott will continue to face defenses that stack 8 or 9 men in the box.

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Unless Prescott starts throwing accurate passes more than 6 yards downfield with anticipation and accuracy, CowboyNation might start talking about our next top 10 draft pick before Thanksgiving.






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