Dallas Cowboys, Ezekiel Elliott should feast in Denver

ARLINGTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 10: Ezekiel Elliott
ARLINGTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 10: Ezekiel Elliott /

Broncos revamped rushing defense held Melvin Gordon to 64 rushing yards, but the Dallas Cowboys are bringing the NFL’s best O-line and last year’s leading rusher.

Nothing beats a pleasant experience of watching the Dallas Cowboys in other football cities – especially when we aren’t deadly rivals. It’s even better when the town has some Lombardi trophies of their own. Currently, this weekend has brought me to the heart of Broncos Country, the great city of Denver Colorado.

I’ve been to 15 NFL stadiums, including The House That Tony Romo Built in Dallas and have found that if you aren’t poking the bear by wearing the official NFL gear of their rival, you can travel unscathed and have an enjoyable time. I encourage friendly trash talk, but you never know what someone is going through.

As I left for Denver, the power had yet to be restored to my son’s house – #MyGameBoy. Fortunately, we spent the night playing at his grandmother’s where the power was working. I’m not worried – his school is closed all week and his wifi works, so basically he’s living the dream.

This grants me the opportunity to enjoy the fans of Mile High Stadium where I will be reminding everyone in earshot of the following: They didn’t make the playoffs last year. They should call Peyton Manning before he gets too fat from Papa Johns pizza.

They should have signed Romo. They need to thank us for DeMarcus Ware. That our tight end Jason Witten will erase Shannon Sharpe from the record books. Don’t they wish they drafted quarterback Dak Prescott instead of Paxton Lynch and finally – You’ve only beaten the Los Angeles Chargers.

Even better than fun in the stands would be leaving this city with a Cowboys victory. I believe that’s definitely possible without relying on Prescott to attempt 39 passes. The Broncos’ rushing defense ranked 28th last season and allowed 130.3 rushing yards per game. In Week One, their front seven should have been tested by running back Melvin Gordon of the Los Angeles Chargers. Gordon was limited to a mere 64 yards on 18 carries.

On the surface, 64 yards looks impressive, but the Chargers went 5–11 last season and weren’t expected to pose a challenge. I would love seeing a high scoring battle like the epic 51–48 battle between Tony Romo and Peyton Manning that occurred on my birthday in 2013. The Broncos have one of the top secondaries in the league. The Broncos ranked first last season in pass defense by allowing an average of 185.8 yards per game.

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Attacking your opponent’s weakness is not rocket science. I hope that the Cowboys gameplan is to test the Denver Broncos revamped rushing defense with heavy doses of running back Ezekiel Elliott and Alfred Morris. I once wondered: Could Elliott exceed 400 rushing attempts this season, but now that Elliott is on my fantasy team, I have paraphrased the late, great Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis – Just Run Baby Run.


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