Dallas Cowboys: Is Darren McFadden on his way out?

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - NOVEMBER 22: Darren McFadden /

The first preseason game left a few questions in the Dallas Cowboys backfield and Darren 0McFadden may be falling behind in the depth chart as a result.

Dallas Cowboys running back Darren McFadden is entering his third season, but after a forgetful night he may not see Week 1.

McFadden started in a game that featured mostly back-ups. His night ended after only 3 carried which netted him -6 yards. Some may chalk it up to playing with second string players, but McFadden’s problems began to arise when he left the field.

Running back Alfred Morris took the reigns next and completely overshadowed McFadden. Morris was quick, shifty and showed moves that haven’t been seen since his rookie year in Washington.

Morris ended an impressive night with seven carries for 42 yards. His six yards per carry were best amongst Cowboys running backs.

Running back Rod Smith was the next to have a solid performance. The brother of linebacker Jaylon Smith played like a work horse having 18 carries in his short playing time.

Smith had a game leading 64 yards rushing and added another three catches for 25 yards. His 89 total yards gave him the highest total yardage for any player in the game.

Running back Ezekiel Elliott suited up for the game but did not see the field like most of his fellow starters. Elliott will be the obvious starter Week One against the Giants. With his roster spot filled there may be room for only two more running backs.

Owner Jerry Jones has favored McFadden in the past and may favor him in this position battle. Both attended the University of Arkansas which may sway Jones’ liking towards McFadden.

McFadden had a 1000 yard season in 2015 and showed promise for the future until Elliott was drafted. After a freak pool-side accident in the offseason leading up to the 2016 season, McFadden missed all but three games.

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After such a disappointing game and others stepping up in a big way, Darren McFadden will have to prove himself in the following games. The Dallas Cowboys have four preseason games remaining which is plenty of time for McFadden to regain his stature.