Dallas Cowboys fantasy football team names for 2017

Dallas Cowboys fans (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Dallas Cowboys fans (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

With the fantasy football season quickly approaching, the Landry Hat presents it’s annual list of possible team names for Dallas Cowboys fans.

With NFL training camps just around the corner and the preseason is not far behind, this time of the year also marks when Dallas Cowboys fans start to plan and draft for their fantasy football leagues.

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One of the more important and humorous aspects of playing fantasy football is the creation of a new team name every season. Choosing the right moniker for your fantasy squad can both help you represent your beloved NFL team and inject some humor into every victory.

For several years, The Landry Hat has been compiling a list of possible fantasy football names just for our Cowboys fans. And every season, we scour the web for new additions as well as create some of our own.

Without further ado, here’s our growing list for 2017. Enjoy!

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A Lump of Cole Beasley
A Zeke Outlook
America’s Fantasy Team
And so it was Witten
Arrested on a Rico charge
Bend it like Bailey
Better than I Dez-erve
Built Craw-Ford Tough
Can I get a Witteness?
Chidobe’s Cheetos
Chunks of Cole Beasley
Come to the Dak-side
Crop Tops Only
Cowboy Up
Dak Attack
Dak Dynasty
Dak in a Box
Dak To The Future
Damien Wilson’s paintball team
Damn Dan Bailey, Back at it Again
Dapping for Dak
Dez Dispenser
Dez for Prez
Dezpicable Me
Dez’d and Confused
Dezn’t Ring a Bell
Dezzy Does Dallas
Dezmanian Devils
Dez Nuts
Dez what I’m talking about
Dezolation Row
Easy Dez It (EZ-Dez It )
E-Z-E Duz it
Elliott’s red kettle donations
Ezekiel’s bored backups
Frederick’s Neck Beard
Final Dez-tination
(James) Hanna Bomb-bera
Jaylon’s Clear Eye View
Jumpin’ like Jones (Byron Jones)
Hitchen’s Kitchen Nightmares
I Gots Mittens Like Witten
I’m a little Awuzie, I better sit down
I should’ve been a Cowboy
I Love Witten, (no Romo)
In Witten We Trust
In Bailey We Trust
In Zeke we Trust
It’s Always Sunny in Orlando (Scandrick)
Garrett’s Ginger Boys
Garrett’s Three Phases
Jerry’s Glory Holes
Jerry’s Kids
Jerry’s World
Kellen and the Linehan boys
Keeping up with the Byron Joneses
Kittens Love Witten
Landry’s Hat
Lawrence’s Lawmen
Lonestar Stunners
Marinelli’s Rushmen
Me and Mr. Jones (Byron Jones)
My Butler serves touchdowns
Noah’s ARK-ing receptions
Nolan’s Christmas Carrolls
Never go full Rico
Never Dez-appointed
Obey D-Law (DeMarcus Lawrence)
One DeMarcus Deserves Another
Re-Run DMC
Rhinestone Cowboys
Rico is on the case
Rayne-drops and crop tops
Ryan, the Switzer picker uppers
Senator Jones’ Cabinet (Byron Jones)
Smith and Witten
Smitten with Witten
So let it be Witten, so let it be done
Spare the Rod, spoil the defense
Switzer’s Swiffers
Tacos in a sack
Taco Trucks
Taco Bell Rung
That’s My Quarterback
The 88 Club
The Book of Ezekiel
The Brice Is Right
The Cowboy Way
The Collins & Collins law firm (La’el, Maliek}
The Dirty DEZ-on
The Great Wall 2.0
The Rushmen
The Walking Dez
The X-Factor
The Zeke-A Virus
Throwin’ Up The X
What’s on TAP-per?
Wide Open Dez-ert
Witteness Protection Program
Witten do that if I were you
Witten It Be Nice
Witten in the Stars
Witten Needs No Helmet
Witten on the Walls
Witten Up for Bad Behavior
Xavier’s school for gifted safeties
You Got Dez-Troyed
ZEKE & DEZtroy
Zeke’s red kettle donations
Zeke’s Freaks

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Tell us what your favorite team name is from the above. And as always, if you believe you have a Dallas Cowboys-related fantasy football team name or two you’d like to share, please let us know in the comments below, on Facebook or via Twitter. Who knows? Maybe your idea will make the list when it’s re-posted in the coming months!