Cowboys competitiveness or Packers experience: Who wins?

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A talented player can make plays. However history shows Dallas Cowboys teams with a high football IQ secure victory the majority of the time.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay Packers
NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay Packers /

All week in sports media many have been debating the value of the Dallas Cowboys competitiveness versus the Packers experience. However, it will take more than both to win Sunday’s potentially epic battle.

The Cowboys at 13-3 are the number one seed in this year’s NFL NFC Division Playoffs.

What a stark contrast to last year’s 4-12 season when Dallas had great expectations justified by a hugely successful 2014 season in which they discovered how good they were as they earned an impressive regular season record of 12-4.

However with that said they quickly learned the following year (2015) that you can’t take anything for granted and that their experiences from the previous year success were just mere fragments of the many pieces that’s required for the success of any championship quality team.

By contrast the great Aaron Rodgers and his team the Green Bay Packers are a confident experienced group of football players who are on a seven game winning streak which includes a  wildcard victory over the team that defeated the Cowboys not once, but twice this season.

The influence of Rodgers as a psychological motivator and the absolute team leader is evident by what he articulated after they lost a game earlier during the year when the Packers were seemingly trapped in a four-game losing streak.

Basically Rodgers changed the mindset of his teammates, fans, the media and others, by articulating a somewhat similar statement that some would say is comparable to that of the guarantee that Super Bowl III MVP Joe Willie Namath made prior to that historic victory.