Cowboys competitiveness or Packers experience: Who wins?

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NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay Packers
NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay Packers /

Now certainly Rogers is no Broadway Joe nor a stranger to exhibiting confidence to reporters or anyone else, so  I imagine that is why he felt compelled to say that they could “run the table.”

Obviously it was a very interesting and bold statement at that time and it very much adds to his legacy of how he will be perceived as a NFL player. But by momentarily playing prognosticator and if on adds in the fact that they have not lost a game since he said that, it makes others want to see what else this wannabe soothsayer can say and accomplish in his stellar career.

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In essence his teammates have responded with an effort of which any objective outsider could conclude that Rogers’s leadership has definitely contributed in part to changing the dynamics of the team’s entire regular season and possibly the playoffs.

But let us not forget, yes the Packers have a seven game winning streak that includes a wildcard victory against the stiff defense of the New York Giants. But also one would be remiss to underestimate the physicality of the run happy Cowboys.

Remember, running the ball was the primary reason the Cowboys went on their winning streak of eleven straight games and along the way setting multiple rookie season records, so it’s no secret the Cowboys shall be running the ball.

Experience does matter, but there are other factors which are just as important to winning such as talent, timing, chemistry, home field advantage, health, et cetera. When it’s all said and done ideally traditional thinkers would prefer the experience of veteran leadership over youthful exuberance.

However in a game as physical as those in the NFL , youthfulness, talent and football intelligence, shall more times than not be more beneficial. This philosophy has been exhibited by a number of successful NFL teams with head coaches that cut ties with big name and star players at the conclusion or beginning of each season for a variety of reasons.

Some of which include: high salaries, injuries and or an inability to get around that corner like he did in the past, or maybe he simply has lost a step or two, but then-to it could be because that inexperienced rookie who was sitting on the bench has shown that it’s time to showcase his talents.